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Churches have been helping many people – Pst Adeyemi

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Pastor OMONIYI ADEYEMI is the founder of Christ Church International Ministry, Lagos. He is an Eminent Ambassador of Peace of the United Nations. He spoke on his ministry’s 10th anniversary celebration, salient national issues and Christendom affairs in an exclusive interview with OrientDaily’s Lagos State Correspondent, COLLINS NKWOCHA.

Your ministry is 10 years, but the point is that this is the very first time you will be celebrating the anniversary of your ministry, what informed this celebration?

Yes, this is the first time I will be celebrating the anniversary of my ministry. I decided not to follow the crowd to do the same thing everyone does. Prior to this time, I was seeing anniversary celebration as a funfair gathering that lacks every trace of Christianity. My Christian foundation didn’t actually support it too, so, I saw it as an irrelevant occasion until God spoke to me. He told me to gather my people and celebrate him for his love and faithfulness. That’s exactly what prompted this anniversary celebration. He showed me scriptures in the bible to back up what he told. I had to repent from my original and initial beliefs and gathered people to celebrate our anniversary for the very first time.

The theme of the anniversary is “Eagles’ Flight “. How did you arrive at this?

It’s through divine revelation. If you study the bible very well, you will discover that there are some peculiar animals that the bible identified with so much including the dove, ox, donkey, lion and the eagle .You will see how the bible talks about the Eagle in the book of Exodus and the book of Isaiah. Looking at this you will see the kind of importance the bible attaches to the eagle. We need to be empowered with the Eagles anointing.

Churches in Nigeria have been criticised for not helping their members. Some of them have been tagged as “Fund-Raising Centres” for personal gain.  What is your opinion on this?

 It has been a norm these days. People go to the social media to say anything they like without accurate verification. It is just that we don’t make noise in this church. People that are criticizing the church are ignorant. The bible said that you should ‘let your light shine”. It didn’t say you should announce your light. Some people are capitalizing on the few shortcomings to judge all churches. The fact that this nation is still together today is because of the effort and the prayers of the churches in this country.

The truth remains that we, the genuine Christians, have refused to make a noise concerning our good deeds. You cannot say that you are helping the widows and the vulnerable and you are inviting the press and everyone to the event. If you are doing that, you are not being sincere and there’s something you are hoping to get with such publicity. I know one of these big churches that takes care of and reforms miscreants, drug addicts, mad people, criminals and so on. Are they not helping the government and the society at large by this gesture? The truth has to be told. I was a beneficiary of so many good things from a missionary school when I was growing up. So many churches these days are giving free medical treatment to people. We equally did that in our 10th anniversary. I must tell you the truth churches have been helping many people. They have been engaging in community works and development projects, but the mindset of Jesus that we need not make a noise concerning our good deeds is what is making it look as if the church is not doing anything. I believe that your good works must speak for you. I know churches that sponsor music and movie, by doing so, value is being added and people are given a means of livelihood.

The entire nation is on edge, the agitation for secession is on the upsurge. What do you have to say concerning this?

I am a Nigerian and feel bad because of certain things that are happening in this country – favouritism, nepotism, injustice and so on. There is absolute leadership irresponsibility in this nation. The leaders feel that they have the power to do anything, but I tell you, one day, the people will wake up from their slumber and realize that power belongs to them. People will welcome bullets and ignore the consequences to demand for their rights. I am a pastor, I see the possibility of us staying together but we must come together to agree, even the bible speaks about it. I am seeing a new Nigeria, a new Nigeria that every Nigerian will be proud to belong to. That is what God told me. God is the one that knows the beginning from the end. I am not after what other servants of God have said concerning the nation. I am interested in what God has told me.

You ordained some ministers recently. What is the yardstick for this?

 The church is not a business centre or a company that has board of directors. Every step we take in this ministry is divinely inspired. The people we ordained today are children of God who are heavenly conscious. If you look at our Lord Jesus Christ, despite the fact that He was God, He still empowered people with anointing to help him in the work. That’s exactly what we just did. These people have the call of God and they have the zeal and passion to work for the kingdom of God, their ordination was ordered by God.

Shun money ritual, blood of Jesus can give you riches

– Pastor Schugger

By Collins Nkwocha

Grace Revolution International Ministry under the leadership of Pastor Schugger Ezenwa Onyekwu, recently concluded her life transforming programme which had the theme: “Activating My Next Level”.

The programme, held at the headquarters of the ministry on Ago Palace Way, Okota, Lagos was attended by large congregants mainly youths. It is widely believed that Pastor Schugger has the anointing to make the most wretched person a millionaire. That’s why most of the youths in Lagos have suddenly made his church one of the hottest places of worship. The programme was mainly attended by youths who are poised to end poverty and move to next levels. The youth were not disappointed, as the outpouring of the spirit of God came in torrential dimensions.

Speaking to Orient Daily at the end of the programme, the servant of God said: “You can see how people gathered for this programme. They actually came because they saw the evidence of the presence of God in this ministry. Most of them have benefited from my money anointing. Because it worked and there’s evidence, their friends decided to come with them to partake from this rare anointing. I have the anointing to make people rich, even without sowing a seed, I don’t struggle for it”.

In conclusion, the servant of God advised the youth to stay away from shedding of blood for money ritual, saying that the blood that Christ shed on the cross of Calvary is enough to give them the kind of wealth they desire.

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