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Catholic bishop urges FG to tackle insecurity in Nigeria

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By Ezeike Obele, Nnewi

The Catholic Bishop of Nnewi Diocese, Most Rev Hillary Okeke says that se­curity challenges have been cited as part of the principal problems facing Nigeria presently. Bishop Okeke made the statement in Nnewi yesterday in his 2018 Easter mes­sage on ‘victory over enmity and violence in Nnewi, Anambra state.’

He pointed out that the country is, today, facing enmity, violence, insurgency, militan­cy, murder and wickedness, adding that religious, tribal, sectional and political nep­otism and conflicts now remain the order of the day in the country.

“In the North, especially in the North-East­ern Nigeria, Boko Haram is at work with insur­gency. The actions of Boko Haram in Nigeria are bearing much fruits of enmities, strife, an­ger, quarrels, dissensions, factions and violent destruction of lives and properties.

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“In various parts of Nigeria, Fulani herds­men are carrying out their own murderous and destructive activities. The lives of their cows are becoming more important than hu­ man lives. In some parts of Nigeria, militants are active in destruction of lives, properties and facilities. Kidnappers and armed rob­bers are at work,” Bishop Okeke cried out.

The prelate alleged that some people in gov­ernment seem to be in allegiance with some of the people and groups who engage in insurgen­cy, militancy and mass killings in Nigeria which, according to him, is the reason for disturbing se­curity lapses in some parts of the country.

Bishop Okeke, however, challenged Chris­tians in Nigeria to bring about peace and recon­ciliation for all Nigerians in the spirit of Easter.

“Can Christians in Nigeria be real follow­ers of Christ and not return abuses for abus­es, war for war and fight for fight? Chris­tians should be more and more committed to peace and reconciliation in the face of conflicts and violence which are reigning in Nigeria,” he pointed out.

He, however, appealed to Christians and members of other religions, especially those in government, to do all that is possible to reduce the violence, killings and destruc­tions that are going on in the country in re­cent times.

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