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10 Powerful Deliverance Ministers In Nigeria

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By Collins Nkwocha

It is very explicit that most of our problems in this part of the world have a spiritual undertone; the activities of voodoo, witchcraft, black power and other forms of extreme spiritual wickedness seem to be visible. Communities, families and individuals are kept under check by these demonic forces.

90% of our problems are aided by evil forces which could be foundational, ancestral, marine or other forms of spiritual wickedness. These are some extremely anointed servants of God, with the end-time mandate to deliver people from the bondage, shackles and captivity of the devil. They are the first set of people you must consult if you need genuine deliverance from any type of demonic manipulation.


The fact that he is the best deliverance minister in the world is indisputable, God gave him a rare and a special mandate in this area with special and unique prayer patterns and methods. He has special and well-trained deliverance ministers who take on rigorous, effective and result-oriented deliverance exercises. The name of the ministry is Mountain Of Fire And Miracles Ministries.


He is the founder of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, as the word “dunamis” means power, Dr. Enenche is blessed with an awesome power gift for deliverance and miracles. Demons listen and obey his voice. The ministry is located in Abuja with branches across the federation. He remains one of the best for genuine deliverance.


Deliverance is his mandated area of calling as God is using him to break yokes and bandages. He is the founder of Bible Faith Deliverance City Church, 9, Shaibu Street by Access Bank Maza Maza bus stop Lagos, with branches across the federation, you can reach him at the above address in Lagos. You can see him on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday immediately after his service. You are very sure of your deliverance from any foundational, ancestral, witchcraft, marine and occult manipulations if you visit him.


He has had some little scandal, but that doesn’t undermine or discredit his personality. He is the founder of Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry. Though the ministry is based in Warri, people travel from all over Nigeria to partake of his rare anointing.


He is known as the “APOSTLE OF DELIVERANCE “, yokes are broken, the captives are set free, and barriers and spiritual barricades are destroyed. He is the founder of Living Soul Harvest Bible Church located at Treasure land, by Hotel bus stop, New Igando Town, Lagos. You can visit him on Thursday for his deliverance program from 8 am to 12 pm, you are guaranteed the solution to whatsoever deliverance issue you have because the Apostle of deliverance is fully charged with the power of the holy ghost to destroy the works of the devil.


He is a household name in Lagos and Nigeria, he is the f of Mountain Of Liberation And Miracle Ministry. It is a place a lot of people visit for deliverance issues because they obtain results from his deliverance.


He is a very amiable and amicable person, but he is very fierce in the spiritual realm as God has used him to destroy demonic shrines in communities and to uplift his name. He is very effective in the area of deliverance as God is using him mightily, he is the founder of The Glorious Seed Ministry which is located at No 9 Babawa str off Old Ojo Road maza-Maza Lagos Mashalashi B/stop.You can visit him on Tuesday for his counselling between 9 am and 2 pm, you are guaranteed of solution.


He is the founder of The Prayer of Jabez With Testimony. He is one of the brutal deliverance ministers we have in Nigeria. You can locate them at 68 Egbe road beside chicken republic iyana Ejigbo bus stop in Lagos, you can also connect with him through Facebook from 10 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday. You are sure that your issues will be tackled.


He is a real Apostle of God with evidence, demons tremble whenever he mentions the name of Jesus Christ, God has used him to liberate and deliver many people in villages, communities, and families. He is the founder of Kingdom Power Church, you can connect with him on Facebook through his name to get genuine deliverance. He will give you genuine deliverance through the power of the Almighty God.


He is the founder of Christ Is Our Moulder & Holy Spirit is The Builder Intl Church. God brought him back from abroad to handle delicate and sensitive deliverance issues. He is a man of God with immense power gift for deliverance, signs and wonders, his apostolic unction is so massive, that is why God is using him to deal with issues, liberate his people from yokes, and bondages, evil spell abs and curses. You can locate him at 12 Iyanu Street by Christian David Ijegun Egba, Satellite Town, you can see him one on one every Sunday after service from 12 pm to 4 pm. God will use him to deal with that issue that has troubled you for many years.

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