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Brunella Uchemba’s love story

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By Chinelo Nwangene

Brunella Osar finally had the wedding of her dream to her Nollywood actor and comedian husband, Willaims Uchemba, on November 21, 2020, at the Dominion City church headquarters for Lekki Phase 1 area of Lagos state. The wedding, which came a week after a high-octane traditional marriage in Alor, Anambra state, with many celebrities in attendance, had taken the social media to the storm.

But it was the story behind the union that may have lasting impact in the social media circles. Brunella and Williams’ marriage was a love story that started non-traditionally on Facebook page, almost four years ago.

According to Brunella, it was on November 22, 2016 that she stumbled on William’s’ video, while randomly scrolling through Facebook and got hooked up to the man behind it. Unlike other ladies, who would wait for the man to take the first step towards them, Brunella admitted making the first move at her man following a strong conviction that she had found her husband.

She recalled in a telling tale of her journey to the alter: “The video was about 15 minutes long; but in 30 seconds in watching the video, I heard a voice saying, “this is my husband.” Before then, I had no idea, who this guy was, talk more of his name; but I felt the urge to message him on Facebook messenger, just to encourage him to do more and never give up on his passion; but wasn’t expecting his reply.

“I immediately clicked on his page and discovered it was a fan page but didn’t think took much on that because, I thought that maybe, he was a motivational speaker of some sorts.”

Despite not establishing contact yet with Williams, the Alor, Anambra state born chic, then studying for her Masters degree, was already excited about the union that she went to school the next day and told her friends about him, describing him as her husband. When she finally got ‘thanks’ reply from Williams on November, 23, 2016, followed up with enquiries about her state of origin, the ball was already set rolling.

“I am from that state your mother doesn’t want you to marry from”, Williams had jokingly replied to her enquiry about his state.

Brunella gave a graphic detail of how the relationship quickly blossomed within days and weeks. “As I didn’t know what he meant, I told him so and eventually he told me where he was from. He then asked  of my age which I told him to guess, and he guessed right. He then gave me his number and asked me to message him on WhatsApp since there was a lot of traffic on his Messenger. That same night, he video called me and we spoke for hours, and every subsequent night after that too.

“We video called each other a lot and from there, we got to know each other more and more, which was fun and easy because, we felt like we’ve known each other for 10 years or more. We clicked instantly and I didn’t want to scare him off by saying “oh by the way the Holy Spirit told me you’re my husband.”  I just let the friendship grow naturally and patiently, waited for God to reveal that to him Himself.

“He told me a bit more about his work and passion for the less privilege and invited me to attend the next Winter edition of the Youth Assembly conference at the UN Headquarters in New York. We felt that would be a good platform to meet in person and hopefully see if we liked each other as much as we did over the phone. So, two months after we started talking, now January, 2017, I went to NY and met him for the very first time.

“It’s fair to say that we connected instantly and it was clear to us that we were each other’s missing piece in our lives. We only spent 1 week in NY but it sure felt like we’ve known each other all our lives,” she narrated.  

Orient Feminine Corner wishes Brunella and Williams Uchemba a blissful and long lasting married life.

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