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Four food vendor COVID-19 violators apprehended in Awka

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By Onyinye Ekwealor

Not fewer than four food vendors visited around the Temp Site areas of Awka, the Anambra state capital, have been apprehended for default over the COVID-19 protocols.

The team in charge of the enforcement of the COVID-19 protocols, paraded food vendors at the site and found all four vendors and their waiters without face masks and the outlets without hand sanitisers, running water for washing of hands social distancing not observed.

Angered by the turn of event, the COVID-19 protocol enforcement team, led by Hon Leo Nwuba, apprehended the managers or representative of all four restaurants and took them to the local government office Amawbia where they were fined.

While speaking, Nwuba stated that COVID-19 was real and should not be treated with so much latitude; rather, everyone should protect themselves by simply observing the protocols. He also pointed out that even without the virus being amongst us, waiters at all times ought to be properly kitted knowing that the lives of their customers matter a lot to them. He further noted that the essence of the activity was not to victimise anyone but to educate them.

In his words, “COVID-19 is real. The earlier we realise that, the better for us to fight it. The measures are simple: sanitise your hands, wear a face mask, give each other space, among others. Aside from the fact that COVID-19 is living with us now, a waiter should be properly dressed putting on cap, apron, mask and gloves to avoid contamination. Most of the times, the people serving food are talking. That is wrong because the particles from the person’s mouth will be going right inside the food that is dished. Learn to value your customers.”

Nwuba also admonished the customers to observe the COVID-19 protocols as well as caution those serving them when they do not oblige for the safety of everyone.

Speaking on behalf of the defaulters of the COVID-19 protocols, Emmanuel Ekejide, the manager of one of the food outlets, apologised, explaining that, sometimes, the mask could be choking when worn for a long time. He promised that they would, thenceforth, adhere to the protocols.

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