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Always evaluate your priorities and employ time management skills – Mrs Asobi

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Mrs Joy Asobi is a former Producer and Production Manager with a radio and television station based in Nnobi.  Growing up from an average family, she is trying her best to inculcate her good moral up bringing in the younger generation. In this discussion with ADA NWANAGUM, Joy talks about her strength and fears, stressing that priority evaluation is a skill every girl child should employ. Excerpts:


 My name is Joy Asobi. I am the first child and daughter in a family of seven. I had my primary and secondary school in Umuahia, Abia State and I am a graduate of Sociology and Anthropology Studies of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. A wife to a good and loving man and a mother too.

Growing up days

I can vividly say that my childhood was a mixture of everything beautiful, inspiring and challenging too. I grew up in a middle class environment where almost all the people around are doing well yet they live humble and normal. I can remember back then when I used to have conflicts in my tiny head about the career path. I wanted to toe because I have a mother who was teaching, neighbours who were lawyers, broadcasters, doctors and even musicians etc. So I saw how impeccable all these people were and then I will tell myself today that I want to be a lawyer, tomorrow I will say broadcaster and it went on until the day a senior family friend who was a broadcaster with NTA, Lagos came back and took me along to see the governor at Umuahia Government House, there and then, my decision was made.

I asked her so many questions about why she is visiting the governor. She said she was to interview him and get his opinion on a trending issue on his government. I asked her “will they allow you to see him”, he said: “Yes” and went further to say, that for everyone in the media, “we are part of the government” and that the media, with their write up, can make every insane government sit up. From that day I took that decision to  join a profession or job community that communicates the emotions of the masses to the right authority. So the challenging part is for my neighbourhood and the environment in general. Parents pride themselves in the academic prowess of their children, so you need to work extra hard, read at all times to put your own parents in a position where they can comfortably tell others that their child did this feat.

So, as a child, I lived as if every day was an essay competition.

Parental/friends’ influence

My parents and the secondary school I went to, St Mary Magdalene Anglican Girls Seminary, Umuahia. I will forever appreciate the efforts of my then principal, Dame NK Asinobi and Nneoma Florence Ozurumba and all my teachers. They really tried to uphold the principles my parents instilled in me whenever I returned to school.

 Childhood dreams/ aspirations

The only one that fizzled out was being a lawyer and living in America. The rest came into fruition and I am thankful to God.

Fears and challenges

My fear while growing up was losing any of my parents or siblings and not making my parents and myself proud. My fear now is not living up to expectations, I fear failing in anything am assigned to do. So I can say I fear failure.

 Overcoming the fears and challenges

I pray before doing anything, then go on to put extra effort in whatever I do. So, whenever I face challenges I tell myself that you have done your bit, try again because there is room for improvement.

Career fulfillment 

Yes, I am happy but yearn for more growth and opportunities so that I can continue to impact, influence and help in bringing the needed change that brings about all round development.

Greatest career or life-threatening challenge(s)

When I was the head of production/programs of a broadcasting house, I worked almost everyday of the week. I finished from the radio stations and headed to the TV station. It was one of the greatest career challenges that were life threatening because I woke up each day by 5 am, prepare to leave so to be able to get to work before 8:30 then close by 8:30-9 pm. Remember that I still have my family to take good care of too.

I survived it by quitting (Laughs) because I didn’t have a life outside the work then and my employers didn’t appreciate the sacrifices because they were new and believed that is what you should do in order for the business to make massive progress. So I quit to save my life for my family.

Greatest achievement

Being able to use the skills I achieved over time to bring a positive change in the society. I have mentored young broadcasters that are doing well and making waves in their various stations. This makes me happy whenever I tune in to any station and hear their voice. It gives me so much joy, so I see it as one of my greatest achievements.

Role model / source of inspiration

They are too numerous to mention but I love Stella Chinyelu Okoli to a fault. Her hard work and tenacity in growing a brand that has taken care of our health and wellbeing over the years make it for me.

Sexual abuse or harassment

No, because I try my best not to give room for it and when I see something like it coming, I try not to notice. I know that some women do encounter such experience.

 I believe, people’s challenges differ in the pursuit of greatness, so I won’t say because I have not gone through it that means it doesn’t happen to some people. It does happen to different women in different ways and places too.

Curbing sexual harassment and intimidations 

In a work environment, every employer should prioritize competence, transparency at their work place. Respond seriously when an issue of harassment is reported and take actions against the person harassing. If need be change the harassed person to another department to avoid reoccurrence. If it occurs in the work environment,  the lady should not give in so as to retain her job.

She should send a clear and stern warning through her body language to the person harassing her or report to higher authority but if it happens that the person you will report to is the one doing the harassment, I believe if you respectfully tell the person to back off and they keep insisting, it’s time to go, so that you will maintain your sanity.

Gender discrimination

No, I think I have had a fair share of privileges which I am grateful for.


As a person that helped a lot of people achieve greatness.

Advice to the younger generation 

In everything you do create a balance between your career and relationship. Be smart about every choice you make, evaluate your priorities and employ your time management skills so that while pursuing your career the other important parts of your life won’t suffer

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