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The Chronicles of Primate Ayodele’s fulfilled prophecies

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By Collins Nkwocha

Nigeria has witnessed the era of several great Prophets, in the ’70s and ’80s, Primate Theophilus Olabayo of the Evangelical Church of Yahweh made a massive impact by standing tall; we also had Godspower Oyewole, he was also very outstanding and was regarded as the seer as they shook the nation with prophecies, Dr Gabriel Okunzua, prophet Samuel Adewole, Bishop Obi Okeke, primate Rufus Ositelu and others.

They made an impact in Nigeria, but to be very candid, their reign was limited to the shores of Nigeria, their dominance and reign were in Nigeria. One remarkable Prophet who made an enormous impact in the ’90s and he is still waxing stronger today is Primate Babatunde Elijah Ayodele of the Inri Evangelical Spiritual Church, the anointing and grace of God upon his life is so massive that dines with presidents of nations because of his fulfilled prophecies.

He had a very humble beginning and became famous and important when nobody expected it because of the fulfilment of stunning prophecies. Abacha was a military dictator who made people quiver, he rolled out what he called “vision 2020”, and he prophesied that Abacha would die soon and will never actualise that vision, people doubted it until the death of Sani Abacha was made public. The Nigerian team won the Nations cup in 1980, ever since that triumph, Egypt, Cameroun Ghana and Algeria had made things difficult for the Nigerian team; he prophesied that Nigeria would win the 1994 Nations Cup in Tunisia and it happened. He also prophesied the Victory of the Nigerian Olympic football team in Atlanta96, everyone doubted the prophecy when we were to play Brazil, ultimately, we defeated them, and also defeated Argentina to clinch the gold medal, this was epochal, he prophesied the sack of Clemens western or and also prophesied that Philipe Troussier will be disgraced, he left Nigeria under controversial circumstances and never returned after qualifying us for France 98; he prophesied that Sani Toro will become the NFA chairman then and it happened. He is a prophet that sees everything, he sees everything you can ever imagine and even beyond what you can imagine.

Another stunning prophecy was about the late MKO Abiola, he prophesied that MKO as he was fondly called by his ardent followers would not be given the mandate to rule Nigeria despite winning the election, but insisted that June 12 will become a “recorded decimal” that was the word he used; today, June 12 is regarded as the democracy day in Nigeria. He prophesied the painful demise of Kudirath Abiola, he said that she would be assassinated and it happened.

Finally, I see him as the Nostradamus of our time because of his prophecy concerning the corona virus, he prophesied the coming of the virus in the year 2001, this is simply mind-blowing. He has magnificent grace to see the future, I will always respect him for this.
This is a pandemic that crippled the entire world, the stunning thing about this prophecy is that he said that the virus would lead to declaring of a “state of emergency” all over the world, that was the lockdown which various nations of the world embarked on to curtail the virus.

He is the most consistent prophet in Africa, his book of prophecy “warnings to the nations” have prophecies for every nation of the world, he is simply anointed and we pray for God to keep giving him prophetic leadings for Nigeria and the world at large. He will be releasing his latest prophecies on Saturday, we await this, to know the mind of God for us.

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