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Politics, Church of God and the nation

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By Collins Nkwocha

The bible recorded that the prophets played active and decisive roles in the politics and administration of the state. Kings were anointed by prophets then. King Saul, King David and King Solomon among others easily come to mind.

In recent times, some prominent Nigerian men of God have played no less active roles in shaping the nation’s political sector through policy advocacy and other forms of engagements. Among these influential clerics are the following:

Late Archbishop Benson Idahosa

The late Archbishop Benson Idahosa played significant role in the country’s

political scene  when he was alive, in addition to being a major player in Kingdom affairs. He was not deterred by the military regime that was in power during his days. He stood firm, spoke and challenged the authority of the military government. He fought for Christianity in Nigeria, ensuring that the government did not promulgate decrees detrimental to Christianity and the populace at large  amid tyranny, dictatorship and cruelty that characterized the regime. Today,some servants of God are still using their sacred positions to influence governance in the country.

Primate Babatunde Elijah Ayodele

He is the founder of Inri Evangelical Spiritual Church, Lagos. He is seen as 

one of the most outspoken clerics in the country. Many will remember how he

 warned the entire nation not to vote APC into power. He forecast that the APC government would be agonisingly brutish for Nigerians. He clearly stated that it would unleash hunger,hardship, insecurity and economic woes. Today many Nigerians are regretting not heeding to the divine instruction from this cleric as the level of suffering and hardship in the country is becoming unbearable.

Pastor Enoch Adeboye

He is the Senior Pastor of The Redeemed Christian Church of God and was instrumental to the bringing of APC into power. The Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria happens to be a pastor in the The Redeemed Christian Church of God. Adeboye used his influence to win most of the southwestern states for APC. Nigeria might not really be in good shape and position at the moment, but it must be acknowledged that the influence of this very cleric and popularity have had had positive influence on the political scene.

Rev.Father Ejike Mbaka

The popularity he has as a distinguished Catholic Priest is because of his

 involvement in political affairs. He initially gave his support to the Buhari administration and told people that Buhari was the Messiah that the people had been looking for. 

He appeared to have repented of that as he has publicly criticized the very 

administration he had supported. Mbaka has on several occasions lately expressed his displeasure with the current happenings in the country.

Archbishop Benjamin Mustapha

He is the founder of Resurrection Praise Ministry (Jehovah Sharp Sharp ).He was 

one of the clerics that warned the entire nation against voting in Buhari and APC. 

He recently blasted the president for inflicting hardship and suffering on the populace thereby impoverishing the nation. He described President Buhari as “Sultan of the Fulani’s”

 instead of president of entire Nigeria.He said that the president had a

 “Northern Agenda ” which he is mandated to execute. Archbishop Mustapha recently carried a coffin on his head and traversed the streets of Lagos in protest of the ills that have befallen the nation

 through the administration of APC

Apostle Johnson Suleman

He is the founder of Omega Fire Ministry and one of the clerics that have stood to speak against the ills in the country. This had earned him an invitation from Department of State Services DSS. Apostle Suleman is obviously one of the clerics that believe that the Nigerian nation is not where it is supposed to be.

Apostle Bright Ebenezer

Apostle Bright Ebenezer is the founder of Kingdom Power Church, Lagos. He has spoken on several occasions that this administration is out to impoverish the nation. He is one of the clerics that never wanted this administration because of what God had revealed to them before the inception of this regime. He had come out openly to blame our spiritual fathers in the country for not speaking the mind of God

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