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The place of the youths in the building of a better society

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Last week, I empha­sised the need for us to appreciate the fact that we all are need­ed in the pursuit for a better society.
I reiterated that one of the major factors that will help us in achieving the Nigeria of our dream was that we must realise our wretchedness as a country, repent of our sins, go to God in prayer, to enable Him restore our lives and heal our land.

Today, realising the in­dispensability of the youths in the journey to build the Nigeria that all of us would be proud of, I have decided to single this group out so as to use this medium to let them know that the Nigeria of our dream, which we earnestly pray for and desire, actually belongs to them.

It is very imperative to note, here, that the youths are the leaders of tomorrow and so, if they miss it to­day, then they will regret it tomorrow. The Word of God was clear, as regards the importance of youths, hence it charges us to: “Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth, while the evil days come not, nor the years draw nigh, when thou shalt say, I have no pleasure in them.” (Eccl. 12:1ff).

When I was growing up, I had a lot of encounters that would have made me lose focus.
In as much as I cannot say here that I did not make any mistakes as a person, I can boldly say that I held on to my goals.

I knew that I had a future and that I could not afford to disappoint those who were looking unto me.
In a nutshell, I had people depending on me and trust­ing that I must make it and that if I did, life would be better for them. Even though I would have ended up a fail­ure, I determined to succeed and so, today, as I look back to those days, I always beat my chest and thank God that I made it.

Yes, success does not come by living anyhow or by doing things anyhow. Success comes through a well-articulated and determined effort.

According to the Ladder of St. Augustine, “The heights that great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight.

But they, while their com­panions slept were toiling upward in the night”.
There is no gainsaying the fact that anyone who wants to succeed in life, must, as a necessity, imbibe the spirit of hard work. You cannot be a lazy person and succeed in life. You cannot be sleeping, while others are struggling, yet you expect to be great in life.

It is unfortunate that most of our youths today, as a re­sult of laziness, have resort­ed to crime. Let me make it categorically clear here that any young person who has de­cided to soil his or her hands in order to succeed in life must, at the end of the day, be a failure.

As the 2019 General Elec­tions draw closer, it is im­perative to announce to the youths that taking up of arms to fight people for little kobo, will surely work against your future.

As a young man, do not sell your conscience and do not allow yourself to be used to perpetrate evil, because the evil you plant today must look for you tomorrow.

As a youth, you must strive to succeed and be an exam­ple to others. Remember, people like Joseph, Daniel, Esther, Shedrack, Meshack and Abednego, represent so many others who lived excel­lent lives in the Bible days, thus leaving us examples, nay proofs, that living a life of determination in the face of trials is possible and the reward, great.

Even the young and recent­ly celebrated Leah Sharibu, a girl of 15 years of age, who refused to denounce her faith, which ultimately was the only thing needed in order to regain her freedom, has really taught us that no time is too early for any youth to set the record straight for his or her future.

Of a truth, the life of this little girl should remain a source of inspiration to the youths of today, especially as you begin to appreciate the fact that your decision to live right today determines your position in life tomorrow. You cannot eat your cake today
and expect to have it tomor­row.

Again, you cannot destroy your destiny today and think that you will be celebrated tomorrow. Whatever you give out today, is what you will surely receive tomorrow.

Personally, my life today is the result of my decision yesterday. Take it again: if I did not determine to succeed yesterday, then I will not be celebrating success today. You must, therefore, determine to succeed and, in doing that, you must shun evil!
At this juncture, let me ap­preciate the effort of our be­loved governor, His Excellen­cy, Chief Dr. Willie Obiano, in making sure that Anambra youths are not left out in his strive to make Anambra state great.
The youths are, of a truth, the most important tools needed in our pursuit for a better society because the future belongs to them.

If Nigeria becomes better today, then our youths will surely have a secured future. On the contrary, if Nigeria collapses, then the future of our youths has been de­stroyed.

Consequently, I implore every one of us, especially the youths, to make sure that Nigeria becomes better and not bitter.

Our youths should rise and righteously take their right­ful place in the society now so that generations unborn will have a place they can call their own.

Frankly speaking, Nigeria needs young men and women who clearly understand their true position and are willing to pursue it to the letter. Ni­geria needs young people who are not ready to sell their conscience for things that do not have eternal value; young people who are ready to grab a golden opportunity at their disposal and build a glorious future for themselves. Nige­ria is seriously searching for the kind of youths that will wholeheartedly appreciate the fact that their tomorrow matters a lot, hence are com­mitted to pursuing a righ­teous life.

Consequently, as I conclude this message, I am compelled to establish the fact that it is very essential for our lead­ers to lead us by example, especially as our youths are expected to realise the impor­tance of bearing good fruits.

Please note that what we do as a country today, as it were, represents the standard, which we are setting for our youths. Hence, we must lead them right so that they, too, will do things right as well as pursue a disciplined lifestyle!

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