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Decide to live, there is still tomorrow! (Part 3)

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Personally, I see this topic as a source of encouragement, especially as one looks at it from the angle that the writer talks about it from a perspective of building the reader’s hope not only to take a positive decision, but also to hold on to his or her faith. I see this topic as a tool which challenges one to look away from one’s present situation and focus more on the gloriousness of our ever-loving God, Who alone makes all things beautiful, in His own time. Yes, I see it as a message pointing us to the need to consider clearly the fact that God has graciously provided all that we need to survive and succeed.

When you take a close look at the passages of the Bible, you will quickly realise that in vain do we lose hope in Christ and His loving promises. Of a truth, all we need in order to become whatever we wish to become in life has been made available and God has graciously given us all that we have asked for, all that we are asking for and all that we would ever ask for. In fact, let me borrow the words of men of God here and say that “our God is a rich God and He has richly visited His children.” Whether we appreciate it or not, whatever we need in life to become great has been made available unto us.

What more do we need and why should we decide to take away our own life? Let me tell us here that anyone who has decided to take away his life or who is thinking of such is an ingrate. Such a decision indicates that the person involved is not appreciative of what God has done or is doing in his or her life. Such a decision is clear evidence that there are people who do not really understand that it takes God a lot to sustain and strengthen us daily; it takes God so much to keep us moving, to keep us living and to keep us pushing.

It is unfortunate that some people live their lives as though they are not products of God’s blessings and benevolences. The fact is that we are born to represent the fullness of God’s supremacy on earth. We are born to manifest the fullness of God’s nature. We are born to live out the full meaning of life in Christ, nurtured and rooted in the Word of God, for the purpose of changing the world for good. We are born to do wonders for the Kingdom of God and to positively impact our world. We are born to look away from distraction and set our focus on what God will enable us achieve for Him and Him alone.

Take it or leave it, we have no right or reason to take away our own lives. We have every reason to be happy with ourselves, to be happy with people around us, to be happy with everything that God has made, to be happy with everything that life has in store for us. Yes, we have every reason to appreciate the faithfulness and graciousness of God in our lives and to trust in His ever-abiding and never-failing promises. We have all it takes to take charge of our world and put the devil to shame forever. God has made us complete in Christ Jesus and we have no reason whatsoever to regret ever being His children.

You see the reason I have continuously maintained here that we have no reason to die yet? We must make up our minds to live and not to give up. We must make up our minds to shame the devil in our lives and to make him the liar that he has always been. We must make up our minds to see all that God has decorated our tomorrow with and all that He expects us to become in the nearest future. Of a truth, none of us is missing in the list of those to be crowned with success and prosperity. None of us is missing out when it comes to God fulfilling His awesome promises.

Come what may, the devil will never succeed in his plan to defeat Christians and to make us victims of his evil activities. Take it again, the devil will never win in the battle against Christians and he will never succeed in defeating the world. God is the creator of heaven and earth. Even the devil himself was created by God and so, he cannot be greater and wiser than God. It is only unfortunate that some people have decided to become instruments in the hand of the devil. It is appalling that men have decided to fail God and have suddenly turned against the One Who created and fashioned them.

When we realise the need to go back to God in repentance and remorse, He will accept us and then, we will quickly realise that we were made for more. Yes, when we decide to leave everything about us in the hand of God, then we will readily notice that God is actively working for our good and nothing more. We will realise that nothing in life is worth distracting our attention from the presence of God. We will realise that God has graciously made everything we need to survive available, even before we could ever ask for them.

Yes, in life, God is the ultimate and, surely, He has our ultimate good at heart. He has never failed and He will never fail because everything created on earth bows before Him. Even the devil himself knows that he can never outsmart God, neither can he win in the battle against Christians. Although he has made up his mind to engage every Christian in a battle, he knows that the earth belongs to God and that no true child of God will ever surrender to him or succumb to his will. God is greater than everything and He has everything we need in store.

We can never lack any good thing in life and we can never be denied anything that will enable us to become what God wants us to become. The only thing we need, at a time like this, is the fullest conviction, the fullest assurance, the fullest determination and decision, that God will surely provide whatever we need in life. My dear reader, this reality will help to encourage us and to assure us that giving up in life is never the best in any situation. Yes, this reality will help us to realise that God is not only continuously working out His purpose in our lives but that He is also continuously preparing a better and greater tomorrow for all of us.
The devil has no power over us and he can never win any battle against us. He can never triumph over us and he can never celebrate victory over us. The devil has always lost the battle even from the foundation of the world and he can never win now. All we need to do is to encourage ourselves in the Lord and to look away from anything that might try to discourage and distract us. Our tomorrow is greater than whatever we are seeing today. Our tomorrow is brighter than our today and God will never allow us to suffer defeat and failure. Look beyond your today and see the bigger picture ahead of you. Do not allow any voice of distraction to determine the level you will go in life. Look up to God and tell yourself that your tomorrow must be greater than your today. Decide to live today, because there is still tomorrow!


Christ is all we need! (Part 3)

When we realise our emptiness and loneliness without Christ, it becomes easier for us to appreciate the fact that everything we have been in life, everything we are now and everything we will ever become are all products of God’s blessedness. In fact, the realisation of this reality, will make it easier for us to look beyond the now and see the picture of God’s endless goodness, as it evidently envelopes our day-to-day life and activities. The realisation of our emptiness without Christ will further enable us to appreciate the fact that with God in our lives, we are not only safe and secure, but strengthened to live above fear.

Furthermore, when we yield our neck to His sovereignty, it becomes easier for us to wholeheartedly abandon our pride and hook unto Him, Who alone holds our future in His hands. Our dear Isaac Watts, in one of his famous hymns, established the reality that our lives are enthusiastically secured in Christ, in such a way that, although we may be tempted and tried, we will remain unhurt because of God’s security covering us. Everything we will ever desire to become in life and everything that God ever desires to make us become have been graciously packaged and provided, through Christ and in Christ.

When we say that Christ is all we need, we speak from the purity of the heart and the pureness of the spirit. Yes, we speak from the assurances we have in God’s continued providence and benevolence. We speak with faith, because we have tried and tested God in every aspect and have found Him not only faithful to His Word, but also worthy to be glorified, worthy to be magnified, worthy to be exalted and worthy to be trusted. He is not a man that can say one thing and decide to do another.

It is no longer a secret that our 21st century politicians have made promises to us during their campaigns and once they get there, they easily forget those promises. Not only that, many of them do not even retain the sim card which they used while  campaigning. I have personally encountered a particular politician who, immediately after his inauguration, changed all the phone numbers that people called and contacted him with during the days of his campaign. This politician in question carefully, without consulting anybody, without putting anybody’s interest into consideration, changed all his phone numbers and instructed his personal aides to make sure that they did the same thing, so as to avoid anybody reaching him through them. Wahala!

My dear friend, this is to tell you how frail and fallible men can be and also to convince us to appreciate the fact that only God remains infallible and ever faithful. My dear, have you ever wondered why most of our politicians do not actually do much during the first two years of their election and only start a few projects during their third year? It is because they know that another campaign period is gradually coming and that the masses who voted them in will demand their score card during another election, so as to determine if they were the right people and if they were qualified to go for the second time.

Nigeria politics has taught me a lot as a person and indeed, it is interesting to realise that, though these politicians are not ready to be productive, they are consciously aware of the fact that the masses have placed a demand on them through their collective votes. But then, the painful thing is that most of them have allowed the devil to senselessly seal their conscience with gum, in such a way that, though they are aware that people have expectations from them, they are not ready to serve the people well. They only become good representatives when their first tenure is about to lapse.

Today, we see men failing to keep even the smallest of their promises. We witness people disappointing those who have placed their hope in their hands; we observe people living against what they preach, all in the name of making money and living big. Today, we see all sorts of evil activities and practices going on in the society and, unfortunately, nobody is talking about them. Do you know why? Because nobody wants to be killed and/or lose his or her position. It is even worse now that the Nigerian senate is considering death penalty for hate speech. _Agha di! (there is war!)_

Nigeria is gradually becoming a country that has decided to abandon God in their days of pleasure, without knowing that pleasure does not always last. Nigeria is gradually becoming a city which does not listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit, simply because she thinks that she will continue to witness good days. If only we realise that we need God more than we need money; if only we realise that our powers and positions may not always protect us; if only we realise our vulnerability without the presence of God in our lives. Oh, if only we know that a day is coming when our wealth and possessions, no matter how heavy they are, cannot save us or stand for us.

How stupid we are to think that we have arrived simply because our hands can now touch some naira notes! Listen to me, my dear reader, God is the One Who created everything and He is the One Who decides what will happen at any time, the way it will happen, the hour it will happen and the manner in which it will happen. People should learn to acknowledge God in their lives, because whatever He decides at any point in time is what happens and nobody, no power, no authority, no demon can change that.

It is imperative for us to realise that we really need God in our lives. Yes, He is not the One Who needs us, rather, we are the ones who need Him. I have repeatedly said in my sermons and writings that God can do without us but we can never do without God. Take it again: God can decide to work without man, because, after all, He does not need the permission of man to perform His works, but man can never work without God. In fact, we are nothing without God and we can only achieve nothing without Him. Did you get that? We can only achieve “nothing” without God!

In other words, all our successes in life, all our possessions in life, all our achievements in life, all our acquirements in life, all our wealth, our health, our joy, our peace, our testimony, in fact, everything about us, are possible because God is involved. Have you ever noticed that everybody calls upon God when they are in trouble and in difficult situation? Yes, every man, every woman, no matter how highly placed and positioned, no matter his or her origin, no matter his or her mentality, no matter his or her philosophy, no matter his or her academic qualification, still goes to God when the devil strikes.

Permit me to say, therefore, that in vain do we neglect Him when things go well with us. If we need Him when we are facing challenges, then we also need Him and even more when we are celebrating success. Take it or leave it, we need God in our lives and we need Him always, not sometimes, not during hard times, not at our convenient time, not at our own pace, space and will, but all the time, in all places and in all circumstances. One can, therefore, simply say that we need God in order to succeed in life and when we have eventually succeeded, we also need Him, so that we may show appreciation unto Him, for seeing us through. Yes, we need God in all situations and we need Him at all times. Fortunately, God has made Himself available to us through His One and only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. Listen to me, He has not made Himself available to us through any other means or person, but through His Son, Jesus Christ and only through Jesus Christ can we reach Him, tap from Him, enjoy His goodness and expect the fulfilment of His promises. Yes, through Christ and Christ alone. Therefore, we need Christ and He is all that we need.


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