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How primate Ayodele warned Nigerian Govt. of the lingering insecurity Issues

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When primate Ayodele made stunning prophecies that brought him to the limelight in the year 1994, many never anticipated or envisaged that he would maintain that level and remain relevant to date, the death of kudirat Abiola was so stunning that nobody ever imagined that it could happen; the victory of the Super Eagles in Tunisia was also not expected.

When the grace of God is upon a man, he excels in his dealings. Primate Ayodele has been able to maintain the tempo and even became better than so many people who see him as the best prophet ever in Nigeria. What baffles me about him is his consistency and the undeniable fact that he gives prophecies in every area of life not just on politics alone.

Another thing that surprises me about him is his confidence, he believes in himself so much that he has a book of prophecies titled “warnings to the nations”, even the smallest country in the world has her prophecies likewise Facebook, Google and even phone companies, this is simply amazing.

The fact that kidnapping and insecurity generally have enveloped the Nigerian nation is not surprising to me because he has been saying and warning the government about it for the past eight years, before Herdsmen became known to everyone as terrorists, he was the first prophet that raised alarm and told everyone that they are terrorists, haven’t we seen it now? We all saw how they have infiltrated the entire nation, killing people all over in the quest to subdue the nation.

We saw the gruesome murder of someone in Lagos, just because a cow was killed and nothing was done. Ondo State was among the states he mentioned that will witness terrorist attack in the west and Owo witnessed a massacre, he gave this prophecy last year. He prophesied the crises in Sudan, he was the first to mention that the CJN was incapacitated, and many were doubting it, but I’m sure that everyone has witnessed the truth. He said that Ayu will have problems as the chairman of PDP, with the recent happenings, I am sure that everyone is seeing the battle that Ayu is facing at the moment.

He prophesied that the former American president Donald Trump will face litigations when he leaves office and it happened exactly as he said because there were several lawsuits and criminal investigations against him. He prophesied that Union Bank would be sold, and it happened, he also prophesied the overland Aircraft problem which the pilot managed to land safely, he warned them before it happened, and he prophesied the increase in the price of diesel that brought so much hardship on Nigerians, businesses and companies are folding up due to sudden increment.

Primate Ayodele is unique in the area of prophecy, whenever I see his picture anywhere, what caresses my mind immediately is prophecy, I start wondering what divine message he has for us. He has warned the Lagos government to be very careful in order not to witness a terrorist attack in the state, he urged churches and mosques to also be very careful.

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