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How fake bishops desecrated office of bishops – Pastor Schugger

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By Collins Nkwocha

The memory of the unveiling of the running mate to the presidential candidate of APC, Bola Ahmed Tinubu will continue to linger in the mind of Nigerians because of the Bishops that were present to represent the Christians in the unveiling.

Their presence generated so many negative reactions from Nigerians across the federation as one of them was almost lynched in Abuja, but for the timely intervention of the Nigerian police.

Speaking about the incident, the founder of Grace Revolution International Ministry, Pastor Schugger Ezenwa Onyeukwu PhD lamented that those bishops desecrated the office of the bishop, he said: “it is apparent that those that were paraded were fake and it is a total shame to Christians in the country “.

He further said that he is in Support of Archbishop Benjamin Samson Mustapha who was so bold to speak for the Christians in Nigeria, he said: “I am really happy that Archbishop Benjamin Samson Mustapha was able to speak for Christians in Nigeria, I am very happy that someone spoke in defence of Christians in”.

Falsehood should not be encouraged, arranging people from different works of life to act as bishops is a very shameful and scornful act.

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