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Fake prophets our greatest problems-Anambra CAN chairman

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By Phil Okose Onitsha

The Anambra State Chairman of Christian Association of Nigeria CAN, Rev. Dr. Ndubuisi John yesterday frowned at the flagrant abuse of religion by fake prophets who claim to be Prophets of God.

Lamenting their criminal activities he stated that, “they cause a lot of havoc in the society in the name of religion, they do not have theological training and not registered under the umbrella of CAN because they are people who came to the God’s Ministry with dubious mind”,

“If they are registered with “CAN” their operation would be checkmated and because of it they are rampant out there to make money.

A Prophet is somebody who speaks for God and who is a mouth piece of God. A yard stick to measure the true Prophet of God is when he predicts for something it must come to pass because it is backed up by God”.

“Every good Christian who speaks what God has said is a prophet. But people who mount sign post claiming to be prophet this or that is fake, deceit and dangerous”

He, however, revealed that, there is no other national prophet after John the Baptist who he said was the last a national Prophet in the old testament.

“In the new testament dispensation, we do not have national Prophet like in the old testament. Nobody could stay in Lagos and say, I am the one God told to tell Nigerians what would happen in the whole world. In this new testament dispensation after Jesus Christ has come, we do not have national Prophet”.

“God has given gifts of prophesy to the Church, some people received gifts of prophesy, Apostle, teachers, pastors and Evangelist. God did it to encourage and equip the Church so that they become matured. So that anybody who has gift for prophesy should stay in his Church and prophesy without moving beyond his local Church.”

The soft-speaking state CAN leader regretted that even the respected men of God have followed the fake Prophets who don’t have theological training to make stupid prediction, even as he said that, under the Christian Association of Nigeria “CAN”, they don’t have capacity to quench the operation of these religious bigotry, positing that Nigeria has constitution that empowers every one to practice religion of his choice.

Rev. Ndubuisi lauded the Anambra State Government for being able to arrest Onyebuchi Okocha “Onyeze Jesus”, He described the arrest as a giant stride on the part of Anambra state Government, stating that only government has capacity to checkmate the excesses of  religious activities. 

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