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Our world of fakes

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The sudden preponderance of faking around us has prompted this discourse. Today, in Nigeria, we have inexplicably imbibed the culture of faking and, indeed, appear to have resigned our fate to the fact that we are a fake people, and must consume fake products as a fake nation. In governance, we have fake governors, fake commissioners, fake ministers and even permanent secretaries. This is gravely outrageous and apishly dangerous.
Just look around and you will be stunned with the retinue of fake educational institutions which, of course, produce half-baked graduates with their fake certificates all over. My experience as an employer has put me through the odious task of understanding the quality of graduates churned out from various citadels who cannot even express themselves. We also have fake NYSC certificates, fake drugs, fake doctors, fake motor parts, fake identity cards, fake naira notes, fake employment letters, fake policemen, fake soldiers, fake election results, fake politicians, fake consumables, fake journalists and, indeed, the latest is fake news etc.
But what and who is a fake or even counterfeit? The simple dictionary meaning of fake is ‘not genuine,’ an imitation or counterfeit. One meaning completely stands out from the many I saw. It is a word used to describe people who are not themselves in order to gain friends and end up being more popular. They seem very nice to everyone, yet trash-talk them behind their back in order to get attention from people and make “friends” just to improve their social status. There are many you would agree with me that fall within this category. They see you and smile but their actions behind are couched in an arsenal of dirty gimmicks capable of delivering heavy devastating blows on their victims. These people live with us, pretend to be our friends and even pretend to understand you although they are insidiously dangerous, the moment you are not in sight.
They are everywhere including inside ministries, departments and agencies, hospitals and other places, including Government Houses. We even have fake governors who cannot execute any meaningful project for their people. They pillage the common patrimony of the state, corner the resources for themselves and rush to places like Dallas, the United States of America and Dubai where they lavish our resources on their personal estates. We know them and we must hold them accountable. Only time will tell.

Who knows how many of our political leaders in the executive and legislative arms of government are in office with fake or forged certificates.
If people can forge a mere NYSC exemption certificate which, ordinarily, is not difficult to get in the right way, one can imagine the number of our so-called leaders at local, state and federal levels parading fake secondary and university certificates, diplomas and degrees. We are all fakes!

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