Praying for my country (Part 1) (Chairman)


Despite our individual differences, our personal notions and intentions, coupled with our busy schedules and programmes, with whatever conclusion we might have individually and collectively made about our dear country, one basic thing that we must not forget to do is pray for Nigeria, our country. If you ask me, I will tell you that if there is any time Nigeria needs our individual and collective prayers, it is now. Nigeria needs the prayers of the faithful, in order to survive; Nigeria needs the sincere fervent prayer of all of us, in order to keep moving.

Prayer is one thing that is very crucial in the life of any individual and any country. If a person must survive in life, that person must not take prayers for granted. At the same time, if a country must survive, the citizens of that country must not take prayers for granted. Prayer is a vital force which every person should take very seriously. Again, prayer is very important, not only for the survival of our country, but for the sustenance of our sacred identity and national unity.

I have personally thought about the situation of things in Nigeria and have readily realised that, of a truth, Nigeria needs all of us to survive. Yes, Nigeria is in dire need of survival at this very time, especially realising that this is a very sensitive period in the history of her existence as a country. Nigeria cannot afford to be allowed to collapse now; neither should the citizens go to sleep at a time like this when our collective cooperation is greatly needed.

Prayer is one thing that must help us to survive and strive to remain committed to our dream as a country. Hence, I have decided to call the attention of my dear fellow citizens, to eschew bitterness and put aside our personal interests in order to work together towards achieving the needed goal for our dear country. We cannot remain where we are and achieve our goal, neither can we remain enemies of ourselves and be able to achieve any success. Again, living in isolation cannot help us to survive as one country, neither can favouring a particular geopolitical zone more than the other bring any good to us.


If Nigeria must survive, then Nigerians must not fold their hands and allow things to continue to move the way it is presently moving. God has blessed Nigeria with a lot of human gifts and knowledge, so much so that we will be seen as callous if we fold our arms and allow things get worse. We must not remain where we are and pretend that we are comfortable, when, in the real sense of the word, we are perishing.


Personally, I know that this is not the Nigeria I prayed to have, this is not the country I desired to be part of, this is not the type of dream I have for Nigeria and I am very much optimistic that this is not the country that our founding fathers anticipated when they planted Nigeria. People like Late Dr.Nnamdi Azikiwe, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Sir Ahmadu Bello, Dr. Dennis Osadebey, Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, and all others who fought gallantly for a better Nigeria would be shedding tears in their graves today when they look down and see what Nigeria has become.

It is never the desire of God or any right thinking person that today, Nigerians will be struggling to survive in their respective destinations at a time when they actually have great opportunities before them. As a passionate citizen of this country, I know that by now, if we tell ourselves the truth, we are supposed to be reaping from the seed sown long time ago by our founding fathers. We are supposed to be benefiting, by now, from the numerous mineral and natural resources available in our country which, ultimately, make us one of the leading countries of the world.

We are, by now, supposed to be making a lot of progress, consequent upon the sacrifices made by those who walked before us and prepared the ground for us. We are, of a truth, supposed to be enjoying from the sweat of those who bore the burden of this country many years ago and left a legacy of greatness. But, unfortunately, we are where we are, worse off than we were, simply because we have refused to accept ourselves as one, helping one another. We have refused to become instruments of change in our country and for our sake. We have refused to accept the challenge of building ourselves in order to become what we are created to be. We have refused to tell ourselves the truth about ourselves.

The Bible made it categorically clear that it is only the truth that has the vital force to set us free. And, by extension, only the truth, which we have in us and which we have decided to uphold, will help us to do exploits in the land of our dream. That, simply and systematically, means that all our efforts towards breaking the fallow grounds and harnessing the resources available in our midst will only yield fruits when we decide to look each other in the face and tell ourselves the truth. We cannot hide the truth and think that we can make any headway. We must learn to pursue and uphold the truth!

And what is that truth? That truth, as far as Nigeria is concerned, is that we all are the problem of Nigeria. Yes, we all are the reason nothing is moving and no one is progressing. We all are the stumbling blocks on our way to success. We all are the enemies of our own selves and we all constitute the challenge that we all have. Yes, if we must overcome our challenge as a country, then we must, first and foremost, overcome ourselves. And, truly, we must overcome ourselves by first overcoming our pride, our ego, our personal interests, our individual approach to politics and our personal desires to do things our own way and get it all by our own selves.

Of a truth, the spirit of “get all you can, can all you get and sit on the can” has eaten deep into our lives as individuals and this has, by extension, positively affected our country. We cannot continue to sit where we are and think that anything good can happen in this country. Furthermore, we cannot continue to do things the way we have been doing it and anticipate a glorious tomorrow for posterity. Time has come when all of us must rise up and join hands together, in order to help ourselves. Time has come when Nigerians should think of how best to fight these evils staring us in the face. Yes, time has come when we must strive to be good ambassadors of this country.

Little wonder, I have decided to dwell on this topic for some time, even as I see it as a call to awaken my fellow citizens, in order to rise, join hands to pray for the peace, progress and unity of our dear country!

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