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Say no to the politics of ritualism

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With the recent happenings in our society, one will make no mistake in con­cluding that people are desperate for power. People are bent on doing anything in a bid to get to elective positions. People are not ready to apply the fear of God in their political journey. Yes, a lot of people have made up their minds that whatever happens, they must get there, whether the people vote them or not.

This is not only appalling but also dangerous because evil seems to be having a field day in our time. People are now applauding evil. People are now selling their consciences on the altar of demon­ic influence.
It is unfortunate that today, politics is no longer a call to serve, but a journey to ritualism, to secret cult and/or a package of hidden agenda. It pains my heart that people are now ready to waste blood at all costs, in order to get to political positions. Many are ready to kill and destroy, in order to climb the ladder of their political desire.

It is disastrous that we live in a country where people no longer at­tach any value to human life. It is dangerous that we live in a coun­try where human beings are now seen as animals. What is more puzzling is the fact that those who are bent on killing at random are not ready to have their own blood wasted. It is a general belief that those who derive joy in destroying lives are the ones who are actually afraid to die.

They kill, they destroy, they roast people like animals, they drink blood like water, they waste lives, they destroy destinies, they uproot human lives, as if they are uprooting trees, they bury their victims anywhere they deem fit, they quickly and wickedly satisfy their thirst for blood anyhow, any­where, any day, yet when nemesis catches up with them, they will be running from one place to another, in order to protect their lives.
Did I mention nemesis? Oh, that reminds me, that there is a word called nemesis. Do you know that people do not even know that nemesis is real? Do you know that people who commit evil are ignorant of the fact that whatever they sow is what they will surely reap? Do you know that these evil men and women hovering around our country are not aware that the word nemesis exist? Or do you want to tell me that if people ap­preciate the existence of nemesis, they will still get soaked in the ocean of evil tendencies?

Yes, I need to blow the trumpet here that nemesis is a reality and that it does not spare its victim. Nemesis is something that no one can run way from, no one can ma­nipulate it, no one can influence it, no one can decide or determine its speed, no one can frustrate its plan and purpose. Nemesis is like a moving train whenever it is bent on fulfilling its mission. Let me also sound it clear here that anything we do today will obvi­ously affect our children whether positively or negatively. Yes, the effect of our actions today must be seen in the lives of our children and those who come after us. The things we do today will directly and indirectly affect our children and we cannot run away from this reality.

No one can run away from the fruits of his or her evil deeds when they begin to manifest. Yes, none of us can stop the consequences of our evil actions. None of us can change the evil agenda we initiated when they begin to look for us. No one can boldly say that he or she is not fully aware of the fact that evil does not bring out good. Evil brings out evil and good brings out good. You cannot plant Mango fruit and expect to harvest Guava. Whatever you plant is what you must harvest, when the time comes.

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Take it or leave it, you are the one who will decide your destiny, no matter what and/or how you try to manipulate things. An old story has it that a little boy one day wanted to test the wisdom of an old wise man. The boy got a live butterfly, held it in his palm and asked the old man if the butterfly was alive or dead. In his little sense, he concluded that if the old man tells him that the but­terfly was alive, he will squeeze the butterfly and make sure it is dead and then open his palm, in order to prove that the old man was wrong.

On the contrary, if the old man says that the butterfly was dead, he will just open his palm and that way, prove the old man wrong. His reason of embarking on the mission was to prove to the people that the old man, who has been respected and applauded in the village as the wisest man was not wise; that he (the little boy is wiser than the old man). What an intelligent mission!
The old man looked at the boy for some minutes and then said to him: “My son, the said butterfly is in your hand. If it is dead, it is in your hand and if it is alive, it is also in your hand.” The little boy was shocked at the old man’s response. He left the old man with the conclusion that, of a truth, the man was a wise man.
Dear reader, what you do with your destiny is your business. You are the one that is in the position to decide whatever you want your life, your future, your family, your children to be like. You are the Chief Deciding Factor (CDF) of  your own life, and destiny. If you decide to build your life and family on the foundation of wasting inno­cent blood, then even the blood of your own children will be wasted.

Furthermore, if you want your political journey to be filled with the negative influence of ritual­ism, then even your own children and family will forever swim in the ocean of evil. If you appreciate the flow of blood, then blood will forever flow at random in your family. Say no to the politics of ritualism, say no to the politics of evil, say no to the politics of killing and destruction, say no to the politics of manipulation and marginalisation. Yes, we must say no to the politics of bitterness and wickedness.

Say no to evil politics, so that evil will be far from you and your family. Say no to the call to do evil because the evil you plant today will look for you tomorrow. The blood you waste today will look for you tomorrow. The blood you waste today will water your family tomorrow. The people you killed today for rituals in the name of politics, will obviously frustrate your life and that of your family with their cry of justice.

Time has come for us to be­gin to put into consideration the fact that none of us can run faster than our shadows. Yes, you cannot be more than what God has destined you to be. You cannot go far above what God has in mind for you. Whatever God has destined for you is what you must get.

Wherever God has planned to take you is where He must take you. If you like, go ahead and slaughter everybody in your community in order to be elected, you can never get elected if heaven does not approve of it. If you like, kill everything that comes your way, go to the highest shrine in your village, patronise the most famous and powerful negative doctor, nothing will make you win that election if God does not permit it.

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Yes, if you like, go to the most dangerous and bloody stream in your village to wash your body, in order to win election, what­ever God says will happen is what must surely happen. God is the One who promotes one and He is surely the only One who can decide to place you in that position. Even the most powerful chief priest in your village has no power to thwart the plan of God in the affairs of men. Yes, even that most powerful and well-respected goddess that you visit and pay homage to, in order to kill people for you and use their blood to secure that position for you, will disappoint you because no power can change the plan and purpose of God. No power, no amount of blood, no evil tendency, no evil gathering can change the Suprem­acy of God.

God is the Most powerful; He is Spirit and no other spirit, no matter their affiliation and intervention, can stand when God decides to speak. Say no to politics of fraud, politics of injustice, politics of bitterness, envy, hatred, greed, covetousness, prejudice and sadness. Say no to the politics of using people’s heads and blood. Say no to the politics of murdering people, thus destroying destinies that are precious to God. Say no to the politics of exposing your children and generation to eternal evil and destruction.

Yes, politics is not worth the evil people attach to it today. Politics is not and should not be evil. Politics is not a do or die affair. Politics is not a journey to destruction. I weep each time I see people get­ting involved in anything, no mat­ter how devilish, in order to get to a political position. I weep each time I witness the senseless flow of blood in my country by people who are bent on securing political positions. I weep each time I read about people who can go to any length, in order to get people’s votes. One question I keep asking myself anytime I see these things is, “where are we heading to?”

Yes, where are we heading to with all the blood we are wasting in this country? Where are we heading to with all the evil we are committing in this country? Where are we heading to with all the innocent people we have wasted their destinies?

In the words of Frank Fanon:

The future will have no pity  for those men who possessing  the exceptional privilege of  being able to speak the words  of truth, have taken refuge in  an attitude of passivity, of mute  indifference and sometimes of cold complicity.

We should realise the fact that politics is a sweet thing, especially when we appreciate it from the angle of having the opportunity to serve the people, to use our God-given wisdom, intellect, ca­pacity and ability, in order to bet­ter the lives of people, to be a part of building people’s future, to be at the fore-front of executing the agenda of God for His people. Yes, politics is interesting when we pursue it the way of God, as well as appreciate the fact that God is the One who positions people, in order to serve.

In Psalm 75:6-7, we read;

For promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south. But God is the judge: He putteth down one, and setteth up another.

We should say no to the politics of desperation, the politics of hu­man destruction, the politics of rit­ualism, the politics of egocentrism, the politics of pride, the politics of hatred, marginalisation, manipu­lation, bitterness and wickedness and embrace the politics of peace, love and justice.
We must bear the words and meaning of our National Anthem in mind, as we play our politics, especially as we are fast approach­ing another general election.

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