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Nigeria: A blessed nation!

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I have carefully studied the history of this country and how God has systematically positioned her in order to be one of the leading countries of the world. I have taken time to ponder the activities and the programmes that make us one of the best countries whose destinies and opportunities are anchored on the testimonies of their unique nature. Yes, God created Nigeria and placed her above many others with a view to establishing His Supremacy in a world that has gone far deep in iniquity and carnality. It is not out of place to say here that the type of revolution that will shake the foundations of the earth and steady the cause of the world for good will begin with Nigeria.

In Psalm 46, we read how God will cause the rage among the nations to cease and how those who put their trust in God will be eternally restored and renewed. The Psalm in focus teaches us that once God is involved in any situation, the devil will never triumph, no matter what. It is very easy to understand that everything that happens in one’s life happens for a purpose. Again, any country that has made the Lord God her Saviour will continue to feel the awesomeness and graciousness of His ever abiding presence.

This is simply understood from the angle that everything under the earth has their link with the eternal God Who created all things and fashioned them to His glory. The Bible notes that the earth and all its fullness, the world and they that dwell in it belong to God. It is God Who made the earth and crowned it with His goodness and kindness. It is God Who destined the world and decides her fate. It is God Who knows the end from the beginning and it is He Who is capable of placing everything in order and making them what He intends them to be.

As I think of my country, I am compelled to believe that Nigeria is the number one in the agenda of God and that she is specially created to be in the forefront of God’s restoration for His people. Nigeria is a country that is at the center of God’s heart and God has her ultimate good at heart. Permit me to admit that Nigeria is the Israel of today and God, without mincing words, loves these people with passion. If any country can boast of God’s presence in the history of her existence, I will personally say that Nigeria is number one.

I have chosen this topic today because of my conviction that very soon, things will begin to work in line with the plan and programme of God for His people. Very soon, Nigeria will rise to the level of greatness that will shake the nooks and crannies of the world, making every living thing to realise the importance of acknowledging the mightiness of God. The obvious is that whatever God desires for His people is what comes into existence and that is an indication that God is the only One qualified to speak anything into being.

It is imperative to note that whatever that happened in the last few weeks in this country have happened according as God has designed it. We may quarrel and complain; we may fight and murmur, we may misinterpret and misunderstand things, we may be troubled and bothered; yes, we may not appreciate things the way they are, as well as realise what lies ahead, but, in all these things, God has not failed to make Himself known and cause situations to bow before Him. God is above everything and He alone knows everything better than everyone of us.

Frankly speaking, I am of the opinion that Nigeria has gotten to the point when our political ambition should not determine our individual and collective interests. Our method of playing politics, at times, leaves one with the impression that we value our individual political ambitions more than our national interest. We place our individual interests above our national interest and we are ready to sacrifice even the future of our unborn children on the altar of personal and individual interest.

I think that time has come when people should begin to appreciate the fact of our unity as a country more than whatever else we may see as important. We should begin to place value on our national unity more than any personal interest. That way, we will be able understand and apprehend what God has deposited in our midst for the betterment of all of us. We need to realise where we are coming from, where we are and where we are going, so as to be able to appreciate our success as a nation.

Nigeria is divinely blessed, so much so that everything we need in order to survive, everything we need in order to build a glorious future for our unborn children, everything we need in order to be placed in our divinely destined position, are all made available in the assurances of God’s eternal blessedness. God has deposited in us everything needed for our survival as a country; He has planted, in our midst, everything needed for the growth and sustenance of our dream as a country; He has fashioned everything according to His will and perfected every plan to make us great.

Of a truth, the God of Nigeria is very much alive and active and He has never failed in His plan to make us feel better and blessed. God has never failed in His plan to lift us from the dungeon of hopelessness and give us a great future. He has not relented in His struggle to defeat our enemies and give us victory at all times. God is gradually working in the darkest dark of our existence as a country and very soon, He will make all things beautiful.

The major challenge we have in our country is not whether we are blessed or not; rather, it is obvious from every angle that we are everlastingly blessed but, unfortunately, lack good leadership. We have the problem of leadership and once we are able to defeat this reality, then we are good to go. I am personally convinced that we are moving on to our destination as a country and that things must not continue the way they have been. Little wonder, this topic is very important not only for us as individuals, but as a nation, especially realising the necessity of the sacredness of our national unity and togetherness.

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