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It is a New Dawn for Nigeria!

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By the grace of God, elections have come and gone. The troubles of preparing for elections and the attendant challenges are all things of the past now. The hate speeches from some overzealous politicians in the name of campaign, the exchange of words, the unhealthy approaches and the unnecessary propaganda, are all gone. The tension that comes with the long wait for the announcement of the election results, the depression, the frustration, the stress, the high and low blood pressure, the election fever and all the noise that naturally and neutrally follow such election period are all stories for another day, for another four years.

As a passionate politician, I have always advised that people should learn to accept election results and determine to move on with their lives. When you put into consideration the fact that there is always a golden opportunity for anyone who wishes to serve his or her people through elected office, you will readily realise that no election is worth dying for. After a particular election, there will always be another election. It is only a matter of four years. With this mindset, indeed, there is no need for all the struggles we put ourselves through during election, there is no need of shedding of blood, because we want to be elected. After all, if we kill everybody, who then are we going into elective offices to serve?

Of a truth, we do not need to make everlasting enemies for ourselves, all in the name of trying to serve the people; neither do we need to bring unending nemesis upon our lives. Unless our intention of coming out to be elected is not to serve, otherwise why should we resort to killing ourselves, using the youths to perpetrate trouble, instigating war and all the rest of them during our campaigns? If our target is to serve the people and write our names in gold in the annals of history, we should be able to learn the act of pursuing blood-free elections. Nobody is worth being used as lamb for sacrifice in our political ambition.

Much as the outcome of a particular election may not be to our favour, we must learn to appreciate the fact that it is only the living that tell the story of elections. If we all die because of the fact that a particular election did not favour us, who then will share the testimony of our doggedness to coming generations? Of a truth, brave people do not fold their hands when they encounter failure in their struggle to succeed; they do not kill themselves because they did not make it at one trial; they do not go home to sleep because their opponents prevailed over them. Rather, they take a break, have some rest and then bounce back. Little wonder, an author titled his book; “Tough Times Never Last But Tough People Do!”

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We must appreciate the fact that, in all our struggles, God is ever present and ready to sustain us and make us victorious. We may not win now, but surely, someday, we must win and our light must shine forth. Please note that we cannot succeed without being able to appreciate the fact that all our efforts are nothing without our acknowledgement of Christ. He is the Chief Corner Stone of our success story. Except He is with us in our plans and projections, we can never make any headway.

It is not out of place that there are forces militating against our desire to be united in Nigeria. It is not a haphazard thing to note that there are people who have vowed to make our existence so painful in such a way that some of us may even consider giving up in our struggle to get to our destination. It is no longer a secret that all our efforts to build a one gloriously united nation where peace and equity will play vital roles are always frustrated by some unseen forces. Yes, it is very clear that there are factors that are overwhelmingly fighting to frustrate our common goal as a nation. Yet, it is imperative to note here that God is greater than them all!

Nigeria has come to stay and nothing will stop us from moving on, even to our promised land, the land of our dream, the land of our glory. Yes, nothing is more powerful than the hand of the Almighty God which has continued to uphold us. Nothing is as sure as moving on with God and holding unto Him, yet nothing is as convincing as realising that He is always with us. Nigeria cannot afford to collapse now, neither can any forces, be it physical, spiritual, material or otherwise, frustrate our plans.

For me as a person, this is a new dawn for my dear country, no matter what. For me, this is a new beginning. Yes, this is a new opportunity which God has provided us in order for us to beckon on Him, depend on Him, rely on Him, as well as appreciate His Supremacy. It could not have been anything less! As far as the elections are over, we must learn to let go of our hurts, our bitterness, our anger and our pain. Our yesterday must give way to our today which must give birth to our tomorrow. It is important to note that if our yesterday is not buried, then our tomorrow will never be born.

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Nigeria is on her way to greatness, to success, to survival, to restoration, to liberation, to reconstruction, to renovation and there is no amount of force that will stop her. Of course, we all are aware of the fact that nobody can ever stop a moving train. Even if we feel hurt, God has a way of dealing with our hurts and He will always take care of things, in His own way. I am not preaching peace here because I feel that I know better than any other person. I am preaching peace here because I am convinced that the story has not ended for those whom the Lord has anointed to serve their people. I mean, I am personally convinced that this is not the last attempt, neither will this be the end of their testimony. I am preaching peace because I am fully aware that God has a better plan for Nigeria.

For me, God’s time is always the best time, God’s pattern is always the best pattern and God’s structure is always the best structure. We must always strategise in order to succeed, hence, we cannot stop trying. Nobody should allow his or her sense of bitterness to becloud his or her sense of reasoning and nobody should try in any way to give the enemy the opportunity to strike. We must not shoot ourselves in the leg and expect to walk with the same legs again. We must learn to be patient with issues that have to do with our national affairs and unity.

The God of Nigeria is not asleep; hence, we cannot take laws into our hands. It is certain that God is still saying something as far as Nigeria is concerned and that is the reason I have decided to dwell on this topic today. Permit me to establish that this particular topic will be divided into four parts, just like the last one I just discussed, which borders on the 2019 general elections. Indeed, it is a new dawn for my dear country, Nigeria, and nothing will stop its speed!

Finally, I join the whole world to commiserate with the families of the 157 persons who perished in the Ethiopia Airline aircraft on Sunday March 10, 2019. Of a truth, the death of these passengers and the crew members is a lesson that we must live with: Life is, indeed, nothing, hence we should not live like fools but always make conscious efforts in order to be at peace with our Maker. While we pray for the peaceful repose of the souls of these our brothers and sisters, we ask that God will comfort their families, friends and well wishers. May such death never visit us again, in Jesus mighty name. Amen!

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