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Mother’s roles in shaping children and society (Letter to the Editor)

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Dear Editor, I want to commend you and your team for thoroughly, extensively and consistently churning out good reportage on wide variety of issues as they affect the society and also request that you keep up with the good works.

As most Christian mothers world over mark the 2019 Mothers Day celebration March 31, may I remind them of their unique and glorified roles in shaping their children and society at large.

I want to congratulate all mothers who sincerely recognise these roles, while calling on those yet to do so to brace up in order to solve the myriad of social and cultural problems bedeviling us as a people.

There is this adage that the seed of indiscipline is sowed in homes, watered in schools and harvested by society. The adage is apt, especially where mothers fail to be alive to their expectations of instilling the right values in their children.

If all mothers should be conscious of the singular roles families play in bringing up morally sound children, it will go a long way in reducing the rate of juvenile delinquencies and other atrocities being perpetrated by children.

Although, some mothers deserve applause for their honest efforts in raising God-fearing children whose behaviours conform to the standard expected by the society, those who are found wanting should urgently do the needful.

It is also not enough to just send children to a school, hoping that the schools perform wonders in raising responsible citizens. This is why the long standing adage, “an educated person is not necessarily one who has gone to school but one whose behaviour conforms to the norms and expectations of the society”, is still very much valid today.

I, therefore remind mothers to give the ultimate priority to the training of their children. The children need their time and care to function properly as expected. Mothers who ignore their children’s welfare and proper upbringing are not only doing great harm to the children; but also jeopardising the future of the upcoming generation.

Mothers who fail in their duties of raising their children in a Godly manner, constitute disgrace to womanhood and unworthy of breeding children. They should be reminded that God gave them the children to be properly trained; to which they will have to account of their stewardship someday.

However, all hands must be on the deck to raise children who can behave normally under any given circumstance; with or without any supervision.

Once more, I congratulate mothers on their day.

Ifeoma Maduka.

Ebonyi State

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