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Journey towards a better society

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I write with tears in my eyes. I write with sadness. I write with pain, especially as I realise that things have fallen apart in my dear country.

When Chinua Achebe (of blessed memory) came up with his most admired and celebrated ancient famous book, “Things Fall Apart,” some of us did not believe that, of a truth, things will get this bad.

Frankly speaking, the unfavourable activities going on in our dear country, on daily basis, leave one with the impression that, things have not only fallen apart, but have gone out of hand.

It is imperative to begin now to appreciate more gloriously, the contemplation of our dear Chinua Achebe, especially as one recognizes the fact that this unusually celebrated literary icon and statesman saw our today, yesterday. He saw what many of us could not see and thankfully, put his words on marble.

The Nigeria of our dream is no longer the Nigeria we all witness today. And the question is: “Are we cursed or are we the cause?”

As we make unreservable attempt to provide answer to that salient, indisputable and indispensable question, I make bold to tell us that if Nigeria must be better, then all of us must be involved.

Yes, all of us must be consciously and conscientiously involved in the building of the Nigeria of our dream. Little wonder, I have decided to caption this weekly article: “Journey Towards A Better Society!” I must be part of the building of this better society. You must be part of the building of this better society. And, indeed, all of us, must be part of the building of this better society.

Nigeria is our country and Nigeria belongs to all of us. Yes, we have no other country, hence, we must build our country together, with one voice, one mind, one vision, one plan, one purpose, one projection, one direction, one song and one language.

During the time of Martin Luther King Jr, he had a dream for a better America. He had a dream for a better country, that will cause positive thoughts and happenings, not only for himself and his children, but also for everyone, who appreciates good things.

He had a dream for a gloriously, graciously and marvelously fulfilling country, even in the midst of chaos and challenges.

He met a checkered state of affairs, but he believed in the birth and beginning of a greater tomorrow. He believed that a new tomorrow must come, even in the midst of black today. He believed in optimism, even though he only met pessimism. Yes, he believed in the future, while living in the present.

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He was once quoted as saying:We must accept finite disappointment

But, we must never loose infinite hope!

It is noteworthy that Martin Luther did not just believe, nor anticipate, but he gallantly, smoothly, sweetly and religiously worked towards it. He worked towards the America of his dream. He worked towards the America of his passion. He worked towards the America of his prayers and today, the memory of his selfless service and sacrifice has continued to inspire posterity.

As I take a close look at our dear country, I seriously and sensitivity shed tears, not because of any other thing, but because of our state of wretchedness. Because of our loneliness. Because of our failure as a nation.

Consequently, I have decided to dedicate this page, once every week, in order to encourage us to rise and join hands, as we build a new and better Nigeria.

It is an established fact that any country that desires the good of its citizens must appreciate the responsibility of working together and working very hard, in order to make it real.

Again, any leader who appreciates the good interest of his people must be passionate about his leadership and of course, the implementation of his decisions.

There is no doubt that we have witnessed evil days as a nation. We have witnessed sadness, especially as we wake up daily, to see the ceaseless flow of the innocent blood of our very own people, our brothers and sisters. We have witnessed agony, and unfortunately, sleep has left our eyes.

Evil thrives on daily basis and nobody seems to be doing something about it.

Here again, we come face to face with that salient question: “Are we cursed or are we the cause”?

Nigeria seems to have been driven far away into wickedness. We seem to have gone very very far in iniquity and this is quite unfortunate.

However, as I write, I appreciate the fact that there is hope. Yes, there is light, even in our darkness. There is, indeed, hope!

The Bible enjoins us, in the book of the 2 Chronicles 7:14, thus:

“If my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves, pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven, forgive their sins and heal their land.”

With the above scripture in focus, we are optimistic that God will not only hear our penitence and prayers, but He will also forgive us our sins and heal our land.

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There is no gain saying the fact that the Biblical passage under review represents the greatest revival promise of the Word of God and it is imperative to let us know that God is passionately committed to His Word, as He is not a man that can lie (see Numbers 23 : 19).

Of a truth, the Nigeria our dream is very much real and possible. The Nigeria of our dream is almost here with us. The Nigeria of our dream is achievable.

All we need to do is to go to God in prayer, humble ourselves before Him, pray and seek His face and surely, He will hearken unto us.

Remember, this is not the time to point accusing fingers at anybody, nor is it the time to put up the list of people that voted for us or did not vote for us.

It is not the time to decide whether to execute any project in the Geo-political zone of our enemies or not. It is the time to humble ourselves and seek the face of God.

One unfortunate thing that keeps repeating itself in our dear country, is the fact, that any person that mounts the position of leadership, must decide the people to favour and the ones not to favour.

Even when someone tells us that he is for everybody and not for anybody, he still goes ahead to select his friends and favours and forces those he tags as his enemies into ocean.

Of a truth, Nigeria has a long way to go, but, surely, we must get there.

God must deliver His people and we are His people!

Hence, I implore us all, to rise, join hands together and ask for God’s deliverance upon our nation, Nigeria!

This first edition of this article has been prayerfully chosen to be a time of encouragement, a time of sober reflection, a time of appeal, so that, all of us, will join hands and begin this beautiful and ever rewarding journey together.

God will hear us, God will help us and He will surely bless our collective efforts!

“There is no doubt that we have witnessed evil days as a nation. We have witnessed sadness, especially as we wake up daily, to see the ceaseless flow of the innocent blood of our very own people, our brothers and sisters. We have witnessed agony, and unfortunately, sleep has
left our eyes”.


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