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Selfish elders behind plans to destroy Nigeria – Nwoye

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By Uzoh Ugwueze, Enugu

The Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in Enugu state, Dr Ben Nwoye, has aimed a dig at politicians and some elders in the country, accusing them of selfish plot to set Nigeria on fire.

Nwoye said that those hatching the plot had also concluded arrangements to flee the country as soon as the fire starts raging.

Nwoye spoke at the maiden summit organised by the Enugu Youth Forum on Monday in Enugu. 

The chairman, who is the patron of the youth organisation, said those making inflammatory statements were putting the youths in danger. 

He said, “in every situation, we use words to bring peace, to bring calm, we also use words to bring disorder and introduce war.

“People making incendiary statements, inciting statements, are not ordinary people. They are leaders and they are not telling the whole truth. They are not telling ‘nothing but the truth’. 

There is insecurity; it is the truth, but that the country should go down in flames is not the truth. They are not telling people that they have made a second choice, that they have a second option.

They are not telling the youths that if what they are asking for indeed happens, they will be the soldiers, nobody will recruit a man over 50 years of age as a soldier to carry arm and fight in the war front; it is the youths they will recruit to do that; it is the youths they will recruit to do that; they are not telling the female youths that they will become rape victims. 

“They are not telling the much younger ones that if this country sparks off and goes in flames, there will be no school for them, they are not telling the youths that war brings hopelessness, helplessness.” 

Nwoye said that, upon outbreak of war “The political class don’t flee with make-shift boats, they have options. If you go to America, you see what is happening; people moving dying in the desert, and the people who caused that are not fleeing in those countries; the leadership class has all it takes to remain there. 

“So, we should look at it globally, holistically and say ‘yes, the country is not perfect at this time but we can fix it; we can work together and fix it; let us have dialogue.” 

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