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Defection to APC, the best option for Igbo leaders – Chekwas Okorie

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By Millicent Onaga, Enugu

The former national chairman of the United Progressive Party (UPP) and founder of the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA, Chief Chekwas Okorie, has called on all Igbo leaders to move to the All Progressives Congress, APC, describing it as the party where their blessings reside.

Okorie stated this in an interview with Orient Daily recently in Enugu, saying that the essence of his party collapsing into the APC was to enable them get all the enablement needed to achieve their goal of allocating the presidential slot to the Igbo in 2023. He said that had been his objective even when he founded APGA.

The former UPP boss went further to state that the Ndigbo had invested 100 percent of their political capital in PDP yet there was nothing to show for it, adding, “I, therefore, encourage the Igbo to embrace a party which has embraced them even when they have given it zero support.”

Okorie urged the Enugu and Abia state governors to trail the path of Governor Dave Umahi and other chieftains who, earlier, realised that PDP had actually done nothing for them, to join the APC. 

“Ndigbo have invested 100 percent of their political capital in PDP yet there was nothing to show for it. I, therefore, encourage the Igbo to embrace a party which has embraced them even when they have given the party zero support.

He said that “(Ebonyi governor) Umahi’s decision, so far, was the best because his defection has strengthened the Igbo in APC in demanding for that presidency slot in 2023.

“Nobody has been able to counter what Umahi did with proofs of what PDP did in 16 years, so Umahi has opened the floodgate and he is going to bring in many other decampees.

“It now our responsibility to encourage and build on the momentum to get the remaining governors, Enugu and Abia to do what Umahi has done because they are finishing their tenure soon and the issues of the Igbo should be paramount in their mind.

“If the party where they belong has not done anything for their people, they should align with the party that are doing something for the people.

” If we say we want restructuring, you can’t be talking about restructuring when you are far from the ruling government.  

“So, I urge every well-meaning Igbo to join APC because it is a path we have not embraced fully yet the party has embraced us.”

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  1. Benneth Ibe says

    Chekwas Okorie, cannot stupidly, asked all Ndi Igbo, to join “Arusi People’s Council(APC). This is one man, who has been a member of several parties. A presidential Candidate of APC, from Igbo Land, cannot be the one to represent the interests of Ala Igbo and the entire country, called Nigeria. Such a candidate, would be representing the interests of the Fulanis. People like, Okorocha, Orjiuzo Kalu, Umahi, Ngene, Nnamani, can NEVER, represent Ala Igbo, without exhibiting the Instructions of Ndi Fulani. “A woman, just delivered twin babies, and named them; Onyemaechi and Chiehighiura”. Which means, who knows tomorrow and God never sleeps. I am happy for what God, used, to bless this World; DEATH. A very human being, will die one day. That’s are the reasons, the people of Igbo Nation, have a lot of NAMES, for the DEATH. “Onwubuariri, Onwuchekwa, Onwubiko, Ikerionwu, Afoejuonwo, Onwukwe, Onyekaonwu, Onwuliri, Onwuka, etc etc etc. The 1999 Fraudulent Constitution, can never be enforced, while an Onye Igbo becomes a president. All the above mentioned men, can never work towards, Restructuring of the country called Nigeria. What did GoodLuck Jonathan, who has an Igbo name, Ebere, did, for the Ala Igbo; Nothing. What has all the Igbo men, who are today Ministers, done for Onye Igbo?; Nothing. I remember, as if, it were yesterday. When Emeka Umerua, was the Sports Minister. He assisted almost all the sports men and women from the entire Igbo land. With or without any presidential candidate, from Igbo land, the Igbo Nation must be on its own. Chineke biko, gozie Ndi kwere n’ala Igbo. Iseeeeee(Amen).

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