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Defection: Ebonyi PDP warns Umahi against death threats on members

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By Ruth Oginyi

The leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Ebonyi state chapter, has warned Governor David Umahi to desist from making unsubstantiated claims, unguarded utterances and death threats against its members following his defection to the All Progressives Congress (APC).

The party, which claimed that Umahi’s defection gave PDP an opportunity to make proper clean up and prepare for 2023 general election, was reacting to a statement credited to the governor telling APC stakeholders that former Senate president and other stakeholders of the state were angry with him because he outsmarted them and joined APC.

In a statement signed by, Barr. Silas Joseph Onu, the main opposition party urged the governor to focus on giving Ebonyi people good governance and stop attacking the opposition party in the State. They further call on the inspector general of police to focus attention in Ebonyi noting that the governor’s unguarded utterances is becoming a security threat to residents of the State.

The party said in a statement: “The PDP is unperturbed by the Governor’s move to APC as that has given us a rare opportunity of cleaning up our house and putting it in order ahead of 2023. It is quite unfortunate that a politician in the class of an executive governor of a state will repeatedly make spurious allegations with no scintilla of evidence to back up his utterances.

“Senator Anyim Pius Anyim and other National Assembly members have never had any agreement with the governor designed to mastermind an exodus from the PDP. There is no defensible rational to assert that, having had an agreement for a collective action, decamping alone is a mark of being smarter – if, indeed, such an imaginary agreement were to exist, it means that the governor is still learning politics.

“We call on Governor Umahi, once again, to desist from making blanket death threats against PDP members as it appears that he no longer feel safe after loosing the political backbone of Ebonyi state – the PDP.

“We will carry-on with our activities peacefully hoping that then violent utterances of the governor is not acted upon by any misguided loyalist of his as that will be resisted by all lawful means.

“We call on the Inspector-General of Police, the federal government and international community to pay a special interest in the political activities of Ebonyi state as the agitation of the Governor is becoming a real security concern to all Ebonyians.

“Once again, the governor is wished well in his new party and he is also called upon to reduce his unrelenting verbal attacks on PDP leaders in Ebonyi state. Opposition is an integral part of democracy, without which a government will clearly be an autocratic one. Therefore, that the most respected politicians in Ebonyi state have now found themselves in the opposition party does not mean that the government  is about to be scuttled.

“Ebonyi state is only experiencing real opposition already, without any push from the opposition party. The governor is called upon to be a Democrat and discontinue the threats against the opposition  – we have a right to aspire and no one can stop us from doing just that.

“We are aware of the unabated sponsored communique that are churned out on daily basis against our leaders and are calling on our teaming supporters not to join issues with those seeking attention for a fee.

“A peaceful Ebonyi state is the overall desire of PDP and we are committed to that. No one is fighting Governor Umahi, at least, with the exception of himself. He is the Governor of Ebonyi state and we respect that and will continue to do so even in the face of unwarranted provocation and baseless allegations.

“Finally, we call on him again, to focus on governance and desist from unnecessarily creating tension across the state. We are only interested in bringing good governance to the good people of Ebonyi state and that is our sole focus – let’s discuss issues, not attacks on individuals.”

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  1. John Nmaduabuchukwu says

    He ran to Apc for a safety, there is the safety umbrella of the Corrupt politicians. Their former chairman said it open. So our brother is not a thief but because of corruption that is in every office in Nigeria. You know another word now of stealing is corruption. Umahi is not a thief but is corrupt like his colleagues both home and abroad. as long as that person is a Nigerian forget it. That’s Nigerians politicians for you. Am crying to United Nations to help Nigerian government to call for referendum. This country can not be fixed again. The levels of atrocities committed in Nigeria, corruptions in every office, killings every where, brutality in army and police against civilians. Nothing you can say is working smoothly in Nigeria. Lies in the highest level.

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