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Court dissolves 9-year-old marriage over refusal to marry second wife

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By Okechukwu Onuegbu

A Makurdi Upper Area Court has dissolved the marriage between Mr. Matthew Alyebo and Mrs. Dorcas Nguevese Alyebo, following the latter’s objection to her husband quest to marry second wife.

Alyebo had dragged his wife, Dorcas, to the Upper Area Court, seeking the dissolution of the marriage and perpetual injunction restraining Dorcas and her people from coming to his house, village, office or any other place of his dwelling to at­tack him and his wife/children or other family members.

He also asked the court to grant another perpetual injunc­tion restraining the respondent from further using his name and parading herself, in any quarters, as his wife.

The couple reportedly met in 2006 at a law firm and mar­ried around 2009. But trouble started in 2011, when he sought permission from the respondent to marry another wife, claiming that she was old and could not be able to bear children.

“She said over her dead body. So, when she later discovered that I had a child with another lady, she burnt the house the lady was staying in, and threat­ened to kill me. She later wrote an undertaking not to harm me,” he claimed.

But Dorcas opposed the mar­riage dissolution, claiming that he made her loss her pregnancy by having anal sex with her, and must pay her back the loans he made her borrowed from banks, pay for cleansing of the rituals and other loss he made her go through in the course of the marriage.

Delivering a judgment, the Judge, Mrs. Rose Iyorshee, said that the court could not compel the two to remain in a marriage without the consent of one of those involved.

Quoting the Holy Bible to justify her action, Iyorshee said “The book of Amos, Chapter 3, verse 3 stated that two can­not walk together unless they agree.”

She further restrained the respondent either by herself, or through any of her family mem­bers, friends, relations, agents, maids, privies or whosoever, from coming to Mathew’s house, village, office or any other place of his dwelling to attack him, his wife, children or other fami­ly members.

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