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By our reporter.

Fear now envelopes Nimbo Community, Uzouwani LGA, Enugu State, South East of Nigeria as most residents are fleeing the area following not too long ago destruction of the ancestral house and massacre of three brothers of an IPOB official Mr Ogunjimi Isikilu Olaiya and indigene of the town by men suspected to be Muslim Jihadists operating as Fulani herdsmen in the area.

Newsmen gathered from the indigenes of the town who witnessed the incident but refused to reveal their names for fear of being attacked, that the gory incident happened during the last Christmas season at exactly 12 pm-midnight when the community in the dead of the night heard a noise with a hoarse voice shouting Allah Ahkaba, they told newsmen that immediately they overheard this strange voice shouting they are Allah disciples who believe in the philosophy of bokoBoko haram Boko haram sect echoing that they are in the community to carry out Allah’s command to execute Mr. Ogunjimi Isikilu Olaiya who has been a thorn in their flesh as a result of his religious activities when he was living in Jos Plateau State of Northern Nigeria.

Eyewitnesses also narrated that after hearing this, what they heard again was the distress cries of the three slain brothers of the Igbo activist crying for help and heavy noise signalling the pulling down of the activist’s house as well as a further shout of, “ where is Isikilu Olaiya, he has to be killed for Allah, he has to die for the insulting prophet Mohammed”.

Continuing, they stated that on noticing the strange development that most of them residents took to their heels running into the bush for fear of losing their lives. They also said that their distress call made to the police at that time did not yield any fruit as the only challenge was the town vigilantees who tried a little bit to confront the attackers but was over powered by the jihadists superior power as they were wielding dangerous weapons like AK47 rifles, cudgels, matchets etc.

Confirming this development when contacted through cellphone, authorities of Nigeria Police noted that although they will not confirm categorically the matter as the report was yet to report to them they rather stated that they are aware that the area had been witnessing a series of Fulani herdsmen attack at one time or the order but added that they are on top of the situation.

On the faith of Mr. Ogunjimi Isikilu Olaiya, the IPOB official whose ancestral house was destroyed and three brothers killed, they sympathized with him on the death of his brothers and lost of his ancestral house but stated that as far as his organization IPOB remained banned in Nigeria as a terrorist organization, he remains on the Police wanted list and will be apprehended for questioning anytime he surfaces in Nigeria.

Newsmen investigation showed that Mr. Ogunjimi Isikilu Olaiya a native of Nimbo town, one of the numerous communities that make up Uzouwani LGA of Enugu State, South East of Nigeria was a well known youth activist and peace advocate who once was the leader of Block Rosary Movement of Roman Catholic church as well as a member of Christian peace keeping executive in Kaduna State Northern states of Nigeria.

Discreet investigation conducted by newsmen showed that he left Nigeria sometime ago to Israel on account of a deadly attack where he nearly lost his life he received from a group of Muslim religious zealots suspected to be bokoharam Muslim fighters in the north agitating for abolition of Western religion, culture, and education who were accusing him of blackmailing prophet Mohamed and promoting Western culture and religion.

Further findings showed that the activist on reaching Israel was elected as the national public relation officer of IPOB and is also presently the organization media presenter. He was among the executives of the organization that hosted Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the leader of IPOB when he visited Israel in 2018.

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