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COVID-19: Anambra businessman gives N10m cash donation to community

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Chief Simeon Chukwuwike Nnakwe, an Asaba, Delta state-based businessman doled out N10 million to indigent families in Umuche village, Oroma Etiti Anam in Anambra West Local Government Area of Anambra State to enable them cushion the effects of the Coronavirus Pandemic lockdown. It was gathered that about 600 families received cash donations ranging from N20,000 to N10,000 to enable them buy food items and other basic items needed in the family in batches in the community.

The Chairman of the Nasifts General Trading Nigeria Ltd, disclosed that he provided the special COVID-19 financial assistance to his people because he observed that most of them were badly affected by the sit-at-home orders issued by the Anambra state government and federal government.

He further disclosed that with majority of people in the village living below poverty line and government stimulus package not likely to reach them, he took it upon himself to come to their aide to enable them stay safe in their homes during the emergency lockdown period.

“We are giving out this little cash to our people not because we have excess but we believe it help immensely in cushioning the affects and suffering our people are undergoing this period. Frankly speaking, our people did not prepare for this kind of shut down. To worsen the situation, the prices of food stuff skyrocketed in the market. Then tell me how someone who was asked to sit-at-home can afford to buy it.

According to him, “this is a very difficult time for Nigerian people because are not used to closing down our businesses, farms, factories and staying indoors. It’s equally more difficult for our people because of lack of basic amenities such as regular electricity, portable water and even the kind of special food supplies that we used to see in other parts of the world.  

The donor, his wife and friends

He, however, advised the federal and state Governments to also provide succour for the poor masses, especially those in the rural communities to enable them survive the COVID-19 pandemic emergency period. “They should bear in mind that the primary responsibility of government is protection of lives and property, and with Coronavirus forcing people to stay at home without doing anything, government need to provide succour to them”, he argues.

The traditional ruler of Ezianam, Igwe Sylvester Udalor Nnose commended Mr Nnakwe for kind gesture, stressing that he did what was expected of the political office holders. We hardly see businessmen come up with this kind of initiative, only political office holders especially Senators and House of Representatives members. And the that it came from someone not contesting for any election shows that he has the interest of his people at heart.

The monarch further warned his subjects against disobeying the sit-at-home order given by the state government, stating that anybody who flouts the order would face the wrath of law.

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