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I have no regrets marrying my madam’s husband – maid

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By Phil Okose, Onitsha

A maidservant who snatched her madam’s husband and eventually tied the nuptial knots with him in the commercial city of Onitsha, Anambra state, has expressed total indifference about, and lack of remorse for substituting her employer in the matrimonial home.

The maid-turned-madam told Orient Weekend that her elevation as her master’s wife was a divine reward for her committed service to the family and that she had no regrets accepting his marriage proposal. 

Beaming with smiles as she tried to recollect the drama, the lady, who simply identified herself as Rose, told our correspondent the story of her journey from maidservant to mistress and then, madam.

Hear her: “I came into that family as a maid aged 15, and was responsible for all the domestic work, including doing the washing for my madam and master. My madam was a banker and always asked me to ensure that everything was in order before she would return.

“Her two female children, aged four and two, did not see me as a nanny; rather, they saw me as their ‘little mother’; and that made their parents to love me the more.

My problem, however, started when the madam of the house embarked on official trips to Lagos and, sometimes, Abuja and Enugu, among places. On each trip, she stayed between three days and one week, returning home to shower me with gifts of wears and other items”.

“As a virgin, I knew no man and sometimes would dress casually around the house, even without bra for my breasts. Occasionally, my madam would, on seeing me, ask me to go wear my bra. She would say: ‘Rose, go and put on your bra; stop seducing my husband. Honestly speaking, I did not understand what she meant and the husband would only laugh and say, ‘leave the young, innocent girl alone’.

“It was on one of those trips my madam embarked upon that I lost my virginity. My master called me in his apartment on that fateful night when the two kids had gone to sleep. I least expected what happened as he asked me to show him the green pant his wife bought for me. He said he wanted to know if it sized me properly. I obliged him, innocently raising the gown I wore. I did not have any bra on because I was almost set to go to bed as well, of course, in the maid’s room.

He, immediately, asked me to embrace him, adding that the pant was okay on me. I did, without anything in my mind. I did not know what sex was all about by then.

The next thing was that he asked me to remove the pant and wear another he would bring for me to test for size. I did. It was at this point that he held me, lay me down and inserted his ‘thing’ inside [and penetrated] my vagina. I had severe pains but, because he was, at the same time, sucking my breasts, I let the pains be, just to please him even if, sincerely, I, somehow, enjoyed it too”.

“After an interval of an hour he inserted it again and again not minding the blood that was gushing out. Later in the day, the bleeding stopped and he asked me not to tell madam what happened and I did not. The way he sucked my robust breasts made me to fear him because, at a time, it looked as if he wanted to eat the breasts.

“I did not panic when my madam returned because I did not know the gravity of what we did until after some months when I started vomiting profusely. This made my madam suspicious and to secretly examine me. She found out that I was pregnant!”.

“She then shouted, ‘Rose, who impregnated you?’, I kept calm until she nearly slapped the hell out of me and asked again, “Rose who impregnated you? Out of fear, and because her husband was not around, I answered that it was Oga. She asked again ‘which Oga?’ and I told her ‘your Oga’.

She called me husband-snatcher and quickly dragged me towards a hospital. However, midway along the way to the hospital, we met Oga and he asked the wife where we were going to. In anger, the wife said, ‘to hospital, to ascertain how many months pregnancy for your second wife”.

“Oga then ordered me to turn back but madam insisted that we must get to the hospital. In the process, there was a little drama as both were dragging me until passersby intervened and pleaded with the couple to go home and settle the matter.

“On getting home, my madam packed her bag and baggage and left with the two kids and never returned till today. It is 10 years now, and I have four issues for him now.

Orient Weekend learnt that the controversial pregnancy eventually produced twins, male and female and that the couple had added two other children – both boys – to their marriage. This paper equally learnt that the estranged madam had since remarried and had four children, three boys and a girl, and her parents had also returned the dowry to the ex-husband to signify the formal divorce under customary laws.

Asked if what she did was not husband-snatching, she retorted, “How? I was an innocent minor when it happened; rather, it was my husband who is a woman-snatcher because he snatched me and impregnated me”.

“When my parents got wind of the development, they threatened to sue the man. They, later, dropped the idea when the man approached them begging that his wife had divorced him and also owned up to the pregnancy.

“Whoever that said I am a husband-snatcher will experience what I went through and then judge. I have no regret marrying him because I did not know what happened and will always defend it”.

On her advice to couples, she said that “wives should not leave domestic work for the maid alone, leaving the ‘lion’ with the ‘sheep’ at home. It is dangerous and has happened to me”, she added further.

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