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My mother introduced me into prostitution at 12 years of age- Sex worker

My mother introduced me into prostitution at 12 years of age- Sex worker - years, the hotel management, sex worker, prostitution, mother, into prostitution, into full fledged

By Phil Okose, Onitsha

An Onitsha-based commercial ,who identifies herself simply as OmalichaNwa, has made a startling confession on her journey into as an underage girl.

The , who hails from Owerri, Imo state capital, blamed her , a hotelier at the Upper Iweka part of Onitsha, for her taking up as vocation as early as 12 of age.

When probed by Orient Weekend correspondent, she went back memory lane on how she moved from assisting her in her hotel business to attending to men inside the bedroom. “Then my was a hotelier at Upper Iweka park Onitsha and I was assisting her in washing of plates, sweeping and attending to her customers. I knew then that when there was bad market that she would allow some of her customers who had been making love advances to her to have sex with her in our make-shift hotel structure for money to help her recover the loss from bad market”.

Asked if she (daughter) used to be present during her mother’ssexcapades,OmalichaNwa revealed that, “some time she would send me for an errand and some time she would ask me to wash all the plates at the back of the hotel while they were having their ‘thing,”(laughter).

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“I love my mother and dislike my father for abandoning my mother to her fate because she did not have a male child for him and that was why my mother started prostitution.”

“As I became matured men who came to eat in our hotel started touching my breast and body and I was enjoying it and my mother would, on seeing them touch me, say to them ‘please leave my child alone; she is still a virgin’.

“I asked her the meaning of a virgin and she told me that it means a girl that has not been sexed by men and I immediately told her that I want them to sex me, (ignorant of the implication)”.

“She laughed and told me that it would not be now that when I grew up, I would have sex to my satisfaction”.

The bubble, however, burst when her mother fell sick and did not come to the hotel for some four days and “I was the one that was doing the cooking and selling”.

“Two men I believe may have sexed my mother, had carnal knowledge of me the first day of her absence and gave me some money which I pocketed. To be frank, I sexed for the four days to my satisfaction and when my mother resumed those men refocused on her because she was a beautiful woman and my dad married her because of her beauty”.

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“Gradually, I started taking over the running of from my mother and she would sometimes go with any of our customers to his house and came back the next morning. She continued in that way until I finally took complete control of and she started staying at home and sometimes went to Owerri to see her relations.”

“My going into full-fledged prostitution was when our hotel was demolished along with others by the Anambra state government. I had no option then than to go into full-fledged prostitution to keep body and soul together as a young charming girl who had nobody to rely on for feeding.”

“I then joined commercial sex workers in Onitsha for protection and, as you can see, that is what I am into up till now, may God help me”.

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