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CMS celebrates advent of Christianity in Igboland

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By Uzo Ugwunze, Ojoto
The Anglican Communion Diocese on the Niger today celebrated the Advent of Christianity through the Church Missionary Society (CMS) in Igbo land in style calling on Christians to Christianise Nigeria.
Speaking during the event, this year’s facilitator, sub dean, All Saints Cathedral, Onitsha, Venerable Obiora Uzochukwu, said that it was a thing of joy to commemorate 162 years of the gospel by CMS in South-eastern Nigeria.
Uzochukwu said that the preaching of the gospel, which was brought by white missionaries and facilitated by Bishop Ajayi Crowder to Onitsha on 27th July, 1857, came with a lot of benefits including civilisation.
He said that the gospel of Jesus Christ came with education, hospitals, science and technology, good dressing and other forms of development and civilization.
“Today we are celebrating 162 years of gospel brought by CMS in Igboland. It also marks the advent of civilisation in this part of the world. Christianity brought hospitals, education and many developments.”
“We should not relent in evangelism-preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and Missions- Reaching everywhere. Our message is that Christians should Christianize Nigeria with the peace-gospel of Jesus Christ”, said Uzochukwu.
Meanwhile, the cleric urged Christians all over the world to continue praying for abducted Leah Shaibu asking the federal government to expedite action towards negotiating the releasing of the Christian girl.
Moreover, the event planner, Rev. Tony Okpala and his colleague, Rev. Chidi Okonkwo said that the advent of Christianity stopped various evil customs practiced by the people in the olden days.
“If not the gospel many of us could have been killed because of tradition. killing of twins, albinos, abolition of slavery and slave trade were among the benefits of Christianity, “said Rev. Okpala.
“This year’s celebration is one of the best. Just like our synod theme – Stand firm in the Faith, people turned out in mass for the road show defying the rains”.
“People came out to reach out to people with the gospel message. Christianity brought light to expel the darkness of fetish and ungodly practices”, said Rev. Okonkwo.
However, the chairman, local organising committee, Surv. Arinze Nwafor thanked God for the success of the advent of Christianity celebration which featured road show from All Saints Cathedral through the major streets of Onitsha.

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