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We have identified those behind mayhem in Imo – Uzodimma

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By Buchi Iwuji (Owerri)

Governor of Imo state, Senator Hope Uzodimma, Sunday May 2, disclosed that security agencies had identified those behind the recent disturbances in Imo state and that, in a few days, their names would be unveiled, together with their crimes, so that they can face justice.

Addressing the congregation at the end of a church service held at Government House Chapel Owerri, the governor assured that government wou;d use all within its powers to identify and flush out criminals in Imo state, promising that his government could not fold her arms and allow terror reign in Imo state.

Uzodimma noted that he will “never and is not going to negotiate with criminals,” warning anyone involved in any form of criminality aimed at bringing down Imo state by any means to have a rethink or such persons will have themselves to blame.

He said those out to bring the state down must be prepared to be brought down as well.

Governor Uzodimma thanked the people of Imo state for their understanding and resilience throughout the period of security breaches and skirmishes.

He reiterated that the mayhem in Imo state was carried out by hoodlums, bandits and a small percentage of IPOB members and aggrieved politicians who decided to sponsor violence to derail the government of the day.

He promised that government would always use her powers, in line with the oath it swore to protect the people and their property, emphasising that no individual, group or criminals was stronger than government. 

He assured that “never again will criminality reign in Imo state.”

Uzodimma enjoined Imo people to be calm “because God is with us and that is why the criminals and bandits failed in their nefarious activities.” 

The governor also warned the people of Imo state, especially political appointees, to be careful with what they say or post on the social media, insisting that one may be interacting with criminals and bandits “knowingly or unknowingly.” 

He enjoined Imo people to repent and avoid being entangled with criminals as such involvement will be dangerous.

Furthermore, he challenged Imo people to always ask themselves some pertinent questions as to why they were not happy with themselves or with government.

He, therefore, enjoined all to be careful in everything they did in their daily activities, especially now that the country and the state were going through security challenges. 

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