Drama as bank customers flee from Chinese national in Anambra

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By Phil Okose, Onitsha

Drama played out last Tuesday in one of the commercial banks at Nkpor, Idemili North Local Government Area, Anambra State, when bank customers scampered for safety from a Chinese national, who entered the bank for transaction.

Orient Weekend gathered that sequel to the rapid spread of Coronavirus, the customers had been waiting outside for their turn to enter into the banking hall as much crowd was no longer needed.

While they were waiting, at about 10am, the Chinese national was seen coming inside the bank and was heading towards the direction of the crowd to have access to the banking hall.

“On approaching the direction of the customers, who wanted to deposit/withdraw money, the customers quickly distanced themselves from him to the dismay of the Chinese. As he went upstairs, customers in the banking hall left the hall in droves, to enable him finish with whatever banking business he had come to do in the bank before they would continue with theirs.

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One of the customers, who could not hold herself emotion,said, “He had come to spread this Covid-19 to us here in the bank. Let him quickly do whatever he is doing and leave  immediately.”

Another bank customer, who simply identified himself as Nonso said: “He is supposed to be indoors to avoid others contacting the virus. Is it not in their country, China, that this virus first originated.”

An official of the bank, who sympathised with the Chinese as the customers were verbally nailing him, pleaded that they apply caution in lambasting the Chinese.                          

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In chorus, the customers left attacking the Chinese and descended on the bank official saying, “You are his brother that is why you are defending him after they have set the world on fire.” 

The timely intervention of security personnel saved what would have been severe exchange of words between the customers and the bank official.

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