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Anglican bishop berates Nigerian leaders over failed ‘Vision 2020’

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By Lawrence Nwimo

The Archbishop, Ecclesiastical Province of the Niger and Bishop of Awka Diocese, Dr Alexander Chibuzo Ibezim, has berated Nigeria leaders over their failures to actualise some of the goals they set for the country.

Ibezim also criticised past and present Nigerian governments for their failure to turn around the fortunes of Nigerians whom he said were already tired of the country. He stressed that about 95 percent of Nigerians, especially the youths, were tired of the country due to their continued stay at home as a result of many disagreements between ASUU and the federal government.

The Anglican cleric, who made the remark on Sunday at the 2021 Armed Forces Remembrance Day celebration service at the Cathedral Church of St. Faith, Awka, added that Nigerians must wake up from their slumber and pray to God to save the country from crumbling. He attributed the problem of Nigeria to the activities of unknown spiritual forces, saying that Nigerians must seek spiritual solution to the problems to move the country forward.

Ibezim extolled the servicemen for their contributions to the security of lives in the country, and urged them to wear the armour of Christ to be able to defeat the monster of insecurity which, according to him, had continued to torment the peace and unity of the country.

In his sermon, the archbishop urged Nigerians to pray fervently to save the country from disintegration, even as he urged them to be soldiers of Christ and stand for peace irrespective of tribe. He urged the servicemen to always represent truth and shun hatred, acrimony or division in the discharge of their duties.

Ibezim said that spiritual problems were attacked spiritually with prayers and not with guns or weapons of mass destruction. “Many theories have been postulated on how things will be good.  What of Vision 2020? You remember when we were talking about vision 2020 10 years ago. Everybody thought that, by the year 2020, Nigeria should have been a mini heaven but that 2020 has come and gone and you can see that Nigeria is far worse than it was in 2010.

“We want to appreciate the fallen heroes who have laboured for the unity of this country but this service will remind the servicemen that, in Nigeria, we are not fighting flesh and blood.  It is a spiritual warfare.

“It is time for us to go back to the Almighty God to arm ourselves with His presence so that we can fight the spiritual forces that are fighting the nation.

While urging members of the Armed Forces to be soldiers of Christ, he said: “they must not only fight as a physical soldier but fight as good soldiers of Christ. They must put on the shoes of goodness so that people will not know them as being called to kill, but called to preserve, because life is sacred.

“So, on this Armed Forces Remembrance Day observation, we are reminding Nigerians that life is very sacred. When there is blood everywhere on the streets, Nigerians should know that any spilled blood will surely ask for vengeance. Let us seek the face of God so that he can heal our land.

He warned that the strategy of the devil was to destroy Nigeria, urging the armed forces to put on the armour of God to quell such strategies which include terrorism, banditry and other societal problems crippling the country.

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