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12-year-old impregnated by vice-principal not raped, Nigerians react

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Nigerians on Facebook and Twitter have reacted to the story of a Vice-Principal in Katsina State, Ibrahim Tukur, who allegedly raped and impregnated a 12-year-old student.

Tukur, who admitted to committing the crime, said he had been having an affair with the girl for eight months now. He takes her home, offers her a sum of N300 and sometimes N200 to have sex with her.

While some have condemned the action of the vice-principal as abominable, others feel the young girl was not raped but consented to the sexual intercourse.

Joseph Kahinde Nana on Facebook for example said it made no sense to arrest and charge a person for rape after the alleged victim had already put to bed. He wondered why the matter was never reported until the girl gave birth.

Nana said, “You charged a man who impregnated a girl and the girl in question has already put to bed of rape. At what point in time was the rape reported? The parents of the girl should also be arrested before the true story will come out.”

Nonso Ogbuagu on Facebook wrote,” Since he paid, that is not rape.”

Nanji Joseph Amedu, wrote, Hisbah will not see this as a crime, if it is to go and destroy people’s genuine and legit source of income, they would be on the forefront… Shame

@boma_ibim, on Twitter, wrote, “How old is the said girl before I’ll know what to say because he never forced her according to his statement. She followed him to his place and he offered her money.”

@MrDickson_O tweeted, “They will not apply Sharia law for an already committed crime, but in Kaduna, they pulled down a house for a “planned” sex party.”

Why did the girl ridicule herself just because of little money? The principal should be sentenced to life imprisonment, Asanlanye Bolorunduro Olusanmi, wrote on Facebook.

Oyeleye Olusola said on Facebook, “This could be one of the reasons the country has remained under perennial poverty in spite of abundant resources. Sodomy versus wickedness God detested sin and turned himself away. God, please have mercy on this nation.”

“This is what poverty can cause in society. ₦300- ₦500 for sex. So pathetic.” Babasola Shogbesan wrote on Facebook

Friday Ochie stated, “How much is the take-home of a vice principal that will cater for three wives and many children? This is the reason why poverty will forever reside in the north, excess wives and children that go beyond their financial capabilities.”

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